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Tips on How to Conduct a Free People Credit Report Search  

A free people credit report search can be done online but there are certain conditions that come with it. You can get a free credit report on yourself as well as someone else but there must be certain conditions that will permit you to do that. In this article, we will look at those conditions. 

We are going to look at how you can obtain a credit report on yourself plus how to obtain a credit report on someone else. It is always a wise decision to check your credit report as there might be wrong information on you on the report. Be rather hands on with it to avoid any false information going on around on you online.  

Get a Free Credit Report on Yourself

Free Credit Report on Yourself

The major credit report companies are obliged by law to offer free credit reports to consumers per year. This is the only free credit report that you can do online. If you are looking to have a credit report regularly than annually, then you will have to pay for such services. There are strict laws that govern access to a credit report on you.  

To land a credit report on yourself, you will have to provide certain proof that you are the owner of the credit report. You will have to answer certain questions that only you know the answers to. The sites which offer these credit reports also have differing methods to do so. Take Experian for example; you can get your annual credit report but also offer a 30 day free trial. During this time you have unlimited access to your credit report and credit score. If the trial period elapses you will be expected to provide a monthly fee of around $14.99.  

Another location for a free credit report will be Annual Credit Report. This is the US authorized free credit report source. Other sources are TransUnion and Equifax.

Free Credit Reports on Someone Else 

It is illegal to obtain someone else’s credit report without their consent. They reserve the right to even sue you for that according to law. You can choose to ask for permission from them before you obtain such information. However, landlords, potential lenders, insurance companies, employers and potential employers (with permission) can obtain someone’s credit report. Unless you meet the above requirements, you do not qualify to obtain someone’s credit report.  

In conclusion, a free people credit report search is possible online from the listed sites when you follow the suggested methods above. If you are looking to check a credit report on a regular basis, be prepared to pay for the service.


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