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How to Lookup People on Hotmail for Free

Hotmail is one of the email service providers that are out there. It is possible to do a free people search on Hotmail online. This article will look at the choices you have when it comes to a Hotmail search at no cost. It will also cover the steps you will need to take to ensure that such a search is as efficient as possible.  

Although it is now referred to as Windows Live Hotmail, this is a free email service that is provided by Microsoft. You can use it to send and receive emails. There are ways to find someone’s hotmail as well as find who owns a hotmail email address on the web. 

A hotmail free people search will help you find friends, relatives, business associates and other people who might share same interests as you. A search from here is easy to conduct.  

Find someone’s Hotmail for Free Using Windows Live Hotmail

Find someone’s Hotmail for Free

In order to find someone’s hotmail, you will have to be a registered member. If you are not registered you will need to sign in and have an email account. Registering on this email provider is absolutely free of cost. Once you are a member you can do a member of searches.  

For a step by step guide to finding someone’s Hotmail you can go to Make Use Of where they discuss the steps in detail. The site gives a guide on how to find someone’s Hotmail at no cost. You will only need patience to go over all these steps as it is a very detailed process. You will be able to search for people from a number of places like Facebook, Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn and a lot more from the steps provided here.  

How to Access the Members Directory on Hotmail 

For further methods you can try the tips offered on eHow which discusses how to find member profiles on Hotmail. They give tips on how to find members using an email address, find members by name and also how to find members by phone number.  

Other Options 

My free email search

You can also employ the services of free people search sites. There are plenty of sites that do reverse email searches as well as search for people’s email addresses online at no cost. Pipl and My Free Email Search will do the trick. So if you are desperately looking for that email information, you can give them a shot.  

These are the steps and methods if you want to search for a person on hotmail that you can try out. Find that email information you are looking for with these tips. The only investment you will have to do is provide time as it might take longer for you to find the data you want.


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