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How to Use Google to Look for  a Person's Address  

A Google people search for address is a bit tricky search to conduct. It is not possible to do a people search like you would on other ordinary people search sites on Google. This is not because Google does not have information on addresses but because, unlike people search sites, Google does not have a people search bar. For a people search of any kind, you will need to use the Google search bar. There is no other one.  

Google is well known for being the source of information and that does not change when it comes to people searches. If the person has information online on themselves, you will find it here. Let’s look at some of the methods you can use to come up with an address on Google. One way will be to use a name to find it.  

Using a Name to Search on Google

Using a Name to Search


On the Google search bar, type the name of the person (the one you are trying to find the address on). Try entering the name in quotation marks. To further modify your search, try adding any other details you know like the city, profession, club or organization that the person is involved with and press search. Google will return information available on the person in its database which might involve the address you are looking for.  

Free Google Search with a Phone Number  

If you are looking to search with a phone number, it is possible too. This type of search is normally referred to as a “reverse phone number lookup”. Type in the phone number in quotation marks on the Google search bar and search. You will be given the name of its owner, their address if it’s available on the Google database. That’s another way to find a person's address on Google.  

Try Searching from Google Plus 

Google Plus can help you find people online too. You can do that by typing the name of the person on the Google search bar and search. This will enable you to look up from the Gmail contacts that you have and also from other email service providers like Yahoo, Hotmail and Outlook. It is also possible to find class mates if you search by school and coworkers if you search by business.  

These are some of the suggestions you can try out if you want to find an address on Google free of charge on the internet. Google might not be much of a people search site but it sure has a lot of information on people. If you are lucky enough you might get a positive response from a search here. 



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