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Searching For People In Greece

Such searches are available from a number of sites online. You can find them in both the English and Greek languages. The free people searches that you can perform on these sites include name searches, reverse phone searches, address searches and business searches.

Greece people search

You can also place an ad on someone you are looking to find on some of these sites. It is also possible to find out who might be looking for you. This article will look at the places where you can do these searches and the methods that will help you land a result on them.

The Free Greek Online Directories


To find people in Greece with the White Pages you can check the links available on Daddezio. You have three searching option when searching from The Complete Greek Directory. You can search with the whole last name, find owner of a phone number or search with part of the last name of the person.

There is also a link to the Greek Telephone Directories (from OTE) which is regarded as the most complete and updated directory in Greece with more than 5 million subscribers. Care should be taken as some of these searches will come with instructions in Greek.

To access the Greek Online Directories, you can also visitSearch People Directory. You can search from the Greek Phonebook as well as do email searches on the page. That’s another way to do find people for free from Greece through the White Pages.

Free Business Searches

You can also do business searches from the Greek Yellow Pages. To search on the Greek Yellow Pages you need to provide either the category, product or company name on the “what?” search box. You will then need to enter the location on the “where?” search box. There are also links to the different categories of the types of searches you can conduct from the Yellow Pages in Greece.

Use Lost Trekkers to Find People

You can search for a person or find out who is searching for you on Lost Trekkers. To find who is looking for you in Greece just go through the ads posted by others on the site and see if your name is in there. To search for someone in Greece on Lost Trekkers, enter a name in their search box and press “search”.

With any of these sites you can conduct a totally free people search in Greece. Others sites come with instructions in Greek though but they are pretty easy to use. Otherwise all these search choices come absolutely free of charge.


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