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How To Find People in Japan

Like in almost all parts of the world, there ways to finding people free of charge in Japan. This is despite the fact that Japan does not publish any list of phone numbers. Most countries around the world have what is referred to as the “White Pages”. This is a phone book directory which have all the phone numbers in that country with the names and location of the holders.

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This information is not meant to deter your efforts to finding someone in Japan as there are many other ways to do it. Below are some of the options you have at your disposal for a people search in Japan.

The Alternative to White Pages


Even though there is no official White Pages Directory in the country, you do have alternative options to try out. These are and This site will let you search for people and companies in Japan from about 300 million records. They allow you to search by email and name. On the very same site, there is a link to a Yellow Pages search where you can search for any company in Japan.

The Phonebook of Japan offers the same searches too. You can search for hotels, the Yellow Pages, search from and other pages from here. They also offer information on how to make local calls and international calls with codes.

People Search Sites


There is no doubting the importance of people search sites when it comes to people searches. iTown Page is one such site in Japan. Lost Trekkers is another good example of a free people search site. To search on the site, enter the name details of the person you are looking for on the site’s search box and press “search”. You may also place a free people finder add on the site for the person. This allows you to post a photo, name of the person, your name, year and city or place you met the person.

Social Media

One may not overlook the importance of social media and its impact in our lives.  They too can be a good source of information when it comes to people searches online. Quite a good number of people are affiliated to them and searching from them is free of charge. You are able to freely search from them with a name, phone number, cell phone number, email and username. The most prominent one is Facebook and Twitter. There are also local sites like Mixi and Gree. Linkedin started operating in 2013 so it also cannot be left out of the equation.

These are some of the options you have when it comes to finding people free of charge in Japan. Even though the country has no official White Pages Directory, you still have other working options at your disposal.


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