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Three Ways to Use to Search for People in UK

In case you are wondering if there is really such a thing as an absolutely free people lookup in the UK, well, yes, and this article will give you some of the options you can use. In fact, you can do a number of free searches in the UK from a number of sites.

UK people search

The types of searches that are possible in the UK range from people searches, phone number lookups, residential address searches, email address searches and a whole lot more. It will all rest with the type of information you have for your search. A people search will be more productive if you can gather as much information for it as possible.

A Free Search from 192 Search Site


Search from 192 Search Site

A search from 192 search site is comprehensive in nature. You can do people searches as well as business searches and place searches from here. People searches that are possible involve name searches, address searches and phone number searches. A search from here will mean that you are searching from birth, marriage, death and electoral records.

Results from your search will include a full name, property prices, phone numbers, age, aerial photos, other possible household occupants and more.

There is also a search guide provided by the site to make your search on the site easy. It will give you easy to follow tips on how best to find addresses and phone numbers on 192 People Search.

Searching From the Electoral Roll in the UK


Searching From the Electoral Roll in the UK

There are actually a number of sites that offer electoral information for you to access online in the United Kingdom. The Electoral Register has names and addresses of most of the voting individuals in the country. You will find data from around 2002 onwards from Electoral Roll Search.

For another Electoral Roll search in the UK, you can try Free Find People UK. The searches are absolutely free and will give you full name and address as results. You will have to incorporate location in your search.

Other Free Search Options

There are more people search sites besides the above listed that you can find from Cyndi’s List. All of these sites will let you conduct a people search in the UK for free. It’s a big list to go through but you can try any that you think has what you need.

I hope the above information did provide proof of the possibility of finding people for free in the United Kingdom. The sites are many and so are the search methods.


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