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How to Find People in Free Book Clubs With no Credit 

People who are interested in books usually join book clubs. These book clubs are even available online. Since people are members on them that makes it easy to find individuals on free book clubs without any credit.  


There are groups that are formed in these book clubs where people join and be members. They usually discuss books as members and share ideas on them. Joining most of these book clubs is normally free of charge. There are different types of book clubs available online. Knowing the type of books the person you are looking for might be interested in will take you a step closer to locating them.  

You will need to then register on the groups depending on the type of book club you are dealing with. Below are examples of some of the book clubs that you can try out. So whether you are looking to find a specific someone from a book club or are just trying to find book lovers who share the same book interests as you, you can try these sites.  

Using Book Club Meet Up

Using Book Club Meet Up

Book Club Meet Up helps book lovers that share the same book taste to meet up and to even form offline book clubs in their local communities. So if you are a book lover who would like to meet with other book lovers in your area, you can try this site. Even those who are looking to find someone on a book club can try this site too.  

To be able to use the resources of the site, go to their search box, type in the name of your country, its ZIP and press “search”. This is one of the ways that you can use to go about your search.  

Searching from DMOZ 

You will encounter a countless number of book clubs listed from this site. You can choose one which you think might be helpful to you. Keep in mind to choose a book club that might be of interest to the person in question. The book clubs listed here come with short reviews on them which might be a helpful guide when choosing the right one. Try as many as possible as you might not know which one the person might be affiliated with. These sites are also good if you are just looking to find people who share the same book taste as you.  

These are some of the available options you have to find people who are part of book clubs. Try them as they might help you find more than information on books but also friends to share their inspirational nature.

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