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How to Find Completely Free People Results Online

There are quite a number of sites on the web that allow to search without paying anything. However, it is important to mention that these are not easy to find and in most cases they are specialty sites. For example, if you are looking to find a phone number, you have to try sites that offer results with phone number.


It also depends on what information you are looking to search with, for example, if you search with an email you have to try sites that offer email searches. if you take time to go through a couple of articles on this site, you will eventually discover most of them.

Quick tip: When searching you might need to use as many sites as possible so as to make sure you get maximum information on the person you are looking to find. This is especially true if you are trying to do this without pulling out your credit card to pay for the service. You will just need patience and time.

Do not be too disappointed if things don't go your way. It’s possible that you might not get results from a search on one site but that doesn’t mean you have to give up. Try another one; it might have what you need. We have a list of recommended sites on this section.

Some sites are also unpredictable, one minute they offer free searches the next they need you to pay for services. You should be wary of those. Also, the more information you have for your search the quicker your search might be. So try and gather as many details on the person as you can.

Sites that Offer People Name Search

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Most free sites do offer free name searches. To search from most of them you need a name and city, state or zip code. These are the details that you will have to enter on their search bar and search. You might get information like phone number, address and other available information from such a search. Examples of such free lookup sites are,, and more.

Sites That Offer Phone Number Search

Looking up phone numbers is possible on the sites listed above but you might consider using sites that store and offer these types of searches. The information that you might get from a look up from them include names, addresses and more depending on the data found in the sites database. You can try searching  from and

Sites That Offer Email Search

You can try an email lookup from, a search site known to scout for info from the deep web. Social networks  like Facebook and LinkedIn are most favorable too for an email search. A lot of people use emails when registering on them.

Business Searches

The Yellow Pages is most appropriate for this type of search. You will need to have the business name or category then location to search. Results usually include a map on the business you are looking up. You can also try the site mentioned here. They have yellow pages information too.

Provided above are sites and suggestions you can use for a search depending on the information available for a search. They can help you on how to find totally free people results.

You can also find more information about anyone using free trial sites, reverse searching using maiden name, profiles searching, book clubs and more,
Click here to learn more about these people search methods.

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