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Different ways to Search for Individuals by High School  

Imagine getting back together with all your former classmates, rekindling past memories while at the same time making new ones. Ahigh school search is just what you need to see that happen.


Quite a number of sites on the internet allow you to search for people by high school at no cost. This article is going to look at these sites as well as discuss the different ways to conduct a search from them.  

The sites which offer this type of search are referred to as alumni search sites. These sites help you contact all former classmates, plan reunion or add your school on them if it is not listed. You will be able to search from yearbooks and view photos and profiles.  

Using to Find Former Classmates

Using Classmates to Find Former Classmates

Classmates  website promises to offer tons of activities to do. You will be able to search from the "largest directory" of high school and class list, even search by maiden name. You can also view profiles and photos as well as communicate with your former classmates and be updated on their whereabouts. If you are looking to plan a reunion with your former classmates, there is a tool for that on the site.

To perform a search on the site, click on the state you want to search from. It will take you to all the cities with high schools. Click on the first letter of the city your school is located in and select the first letter of the school from the list that will pop up. You will be taken to their search box where you will have to provide details like your graduation year, first name, last name at graduation, and email address.  

Search for Free from Alumni Online 

Search for Free from Alumni Online

You can reunite with old friends and also plan class reunions with Alumni Online. If you are looking to contact friends on this site, it is 100% cost free. This is one of the sites that you can use for your search.  

To search from the site you will have to first select the state your school is in. This will take you to the cities available from that state where you will have to select the first letter of the city your school is in.

Another alternative might be to just use the search box that is available on the page. Enter the name of the school and press “search”. You are able to add your school if it is not listed among those available.  

You can use the sites mentioned above to search for your high school friends. You can also try search engines if the methods mentioned above don't give you the results you want.

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