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How to Lookup People by Maiden Name on Alumni Sites and More Absolutely Free

There are countries where people retain their maiden names after getting married. This is not normally the case with people in the US but it is possible to perform a cost free people search by maiden name in the country. There are sites online that are more appropriate for such a search.


A maiden name is the last name of a person which usually changes when women get married. There are however countries where women keep their last names like Arabic countries and Muslim communities.  

This article will look at the places where you can search for someone using their maiden name. It could be an old female friend or former classmates. This type of search obviously calls for sites which store birth records and alumni records. These are the only places where the person you are looking for might have registered without the changed surname.  

Using Sites with Birth Records to Search for Maiden Name for Free

Using Sites with Birth Records to Search for Maiden Name for Free

The best sites with birth records online are usually sites that do background checks. Background check sites usually store records like birth, death, marriage, divorce, criminal, arrest, court as well as property records. Care should be taken when dealing with background check sites as some of them offer these records at a price.  

A good example of a free background search site is Wink. You can locate your former classmates, old friends and old co-workers with this site. To search on the site, enter the name of the person in the “name” search box plus the location you want to search from and press “search”. The site will then search on websites, blogs and social networks for results. An alternative site might be Records

Search from Alumni Search Sites 

Search from Alumni Search Sites

Alumni search sites also have information on people before they got married. So the details on the person from them will be on the time they were still in school. If you happen to know the name of the school they attended, you are at an advantage. That will make it easy for you to search for the individual you want using their maiden name.  

A site like Wink does alumni searches but there are dedicated alumni search site like Reunion. This is an alumni search site which merged with My Life to give people a comprehensive people search experience. To search on the site click on the state you want to search from. You will then need to select the school you want to search from.  

These are the places where you can lookup people by their maiden name online. If these search options don't give you the results you want, then you can try searching from public records.

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