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How to Use Differernt Search Options to Find People Reports Cost Free Online

Sites that promise free people searches will give you completely free people search reports and that’s guaranteed. There are quite a number of free searches you can conduct on the internet to get those free reports. With information like a name, a phone number, an address and email you can come up with free reports online. Let’s look at some of the ways you can do this.


Most people search sites will let you search with the above mentioned choices but the search methods vary from site to site. The way to conduct the different types of searches also varies.

The required information for every search is different and important. In fact the search information at your disposal is normally the one which determines the extent of success in your search. The more details you have the better.

Find Absolutely Free Name Search Reports

Name searches need that you have certain details to come up with a result. You must have the name, middle initials, last name and location (city, state or zip code) for a name search. Information like last name and location (city, state or zip code) are compulsory in most people lookup websites. The name and middle initials are also needed since they help sift unwanted results from a search. Bottom line is you must have the last name and location for a name search at the least.

Your search will bring back reports like phone number and address where the person resides. This is basic white pages information available online. But then again it will depend on the type of site you are using and the data they have on their databases. Some will give more details than others.

Ways to Free Phone Number Reports

Phone number searches only need that you have the phone number to conduct them. The process of finding information online with a phone number is referred to as a “reverse phone number search”. Most people search sites that do name searches also do reverse phone number searches. Navigate to their phone number look up box and enter the phone number and await your results.  

The results will include basic white pages information like the name of the owner, address and other available details on the site of your choice.

Look up Free Address Reports Online

This process is known as the “reverse address lookup”. You will need the address and the location (city, state or zip code) for this search. There are sites which do reverse address lookup online, like Address.

You will get back reports like basic data like the name, phone number and other available details on the site you are using. These are your search options that are possible with this type of search.

Email Reports For Free

There are sites which will give someone’s email as a result from the above mentioned types of searches. Even so, there are sites which are meant to do email lookups. A site like Address Search will do that for you. You can search for an email from here with a name. You can also lookup using an email to find its owner form here.

You can easily get people reports if you use the above mentioned search options. I would suggest trying as many sites as possible for your search as some of them are free and have different data.

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