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How to Use a People Search Database to Lookup Individuals

A search from a free people search database is offered by a number of data storage directories online. A database store with data for retrieval and use by whoever is allowed access to do so. People search sites store information on people for users to access on their databases. Some sites offer this service free of charge while others require a fee, some do both. It all depends on the type of information and how accessible it is.

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Easy to access information like phone numbers, people’s names and emails can be easily searched on the web. Hard to find information like criminal records, cell phone number searches and background searches usually come at a price. Let’s look at the free database options that are available out there.

Government Public Records Database

There is no better way to conduct a database review than to use a government owned one. We all know that the government has almost all information on the public. There are millions if not billions of records from this database. There are personal records, military records, background records, criminal records, birth, marriage, death records and more. These are some of the results that you get for a search from here in a nutshell.

Free Searches


Records search

You can also do free people searches, free reverse phone lookups, free email lookups and free address searches. A name search is possible with a name, surname and state. A phone number search will only require you to present the phone number. Address searches need you to provide the address plus location. Email searches are possible with an address only. These are the kind of searches you would find in a people search database.

Premium Searches


Background search

Premium searches from here include background checks. You can check anyone’s legitimacy here. It can be a potential spouse, potential business partner, potential employee, or a babysitter. There is a need to verify people for your own safety and those around you.

There are also links to other reliable databases that can be of help to your search. These are sites like Search Quarry and Webstigate. They offer both free and premium people searches that you can find quite useful.  

There are so many databases out there that can offer a reliable search database besides the government owned site. Nevertheless, you can conduct numerous types of searches from Government Public Records.


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