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Totally Free People Search History on Facebook

Are you wondering if you can perform a totally free people search history on Facebook? Are cracking you skull wondering if that data in mind is still available in your search history? You might want to delete your search history on Facebook or are merely looking to find information that you know you once searched for and might be there in your search history.

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Actually, there are numerous reasons why you might want to find your Facebook search history. Well the information provided in the next paragraphs will help you find that history. Let’s look at the steps to take to realize that search history on Facebook.


Viewing Your Search History

There might be that status, comment, picture or any information that might be of importance to you which you know is in your search history. You can find a detailed step by steps process to come up with that data discussed by Jonathan Saar. The steps come with screen shots to illustrate better the process. They show how you can find your search history by first going to your profile, then your “activity log”, next is “more options”, then click on “search” button and finally you can “view your search history”.

Deleting Your Search History

To delete your search history on Facebook, you can follow the steps suggested on Mashable. The steps are arranged in an easy to follow manner with illustrations to guide you. The steps start with visiting your profile, next your “activity log”, then going to “more options”, next is “search activity”, then “search history” and lastly you are able to “clear your search history”. Your search history will be as clean as a white wall after that. You will longer have to worry about your search history being around anymore.

More options on Free Facebook Search History

You can find more methods  from Twelve Skip. These history lookup steps also come with screenshot to illustrate the process much better. You can find your search history from here as well as delete it.

These are some of the methods you can use to do a completely free people search history on Facebook. These methods are easy to follow and come with screen shots to illustrate. Whether you are looking to find certain information from your search history or are looking to erase it completely, you will find your options stated here.


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