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Completely Free People Search on My Life

In case you are looking for leading people search sites on the web, just know that you can do a completely free people search on My Life. The site will not only allow you to find people for free but also help you stay connected with them.

MyLife people search

In fact My Life lets you find people, look yourself up and view messages. You will be able to monitor your identity on the site controlling what people read about you online. It’s possible to remove any public records on you that you would not like to be online. You can also find out who is searching for you on the web from the site.

Searching for people on My Life means you are having access to 700 million records. These records will offer you personal as well as professional information on people for free. There are also premium searches offered on this site with a detailed report.

Free People Searches on My Life


To perform a free people search on My Life, choose the “search for people” option. Then enter the first name, last name, age, and last known location of the person in question on the search bar and press “search”.

A name search will give you addresses (current and previous) of the person, their professional background, social sites they are affiliated to, contact details, photos and more. Those are results of a absolutely free people search on My Life on the web.

Find who is Searching for You on My Life

To find out who is searching for you, pick the “see who is searching for you” option. Enter your name (first and last name), age, plus zip code on the search box and search. You will be given all information on the person or people who looked you up online. This includes profile views and messages.

Search for Free By State on My Life

You can also find people by state or provinceon My Life. You can do this by clicking on the state or province you want to look up from. You will be taken to a page which will show all the cities and a map of the state or province to search from. Choose your city. You will be taken to a page that will give you all the city’s zip and area codes to search with. When you click on the zip code, you will be shown all the residents under that zip code. Pick the one you are looking for from the list and click on it.

That’s how you go about a search on You can find information on just about anyone and keep in touch with them on My Life. You can also find who is looking for you as well as view your messages from the site.


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