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The Different Ways to use 123 to Search for People

Conducting a people search on 123 people search site free is a step on the right direction to a free result online. This is because this site is among the highly rated sites when it comes to free people searches online. It offers quite an interesting number of searches that you can use as well as advice on how to use them.

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There are so many free searches for you to go over. You can do name searches, phone number searches, email searches, Yahoo people searches as well as search from other search engines.

Free Name Searches on 123 People Search


Name Searches on 123 People Search

A name search on this site will need that you provide the last name of the person you are looking to find plus their city. First name and middle initials can also be added to help refine your search (and results).

The name search will give you possible results like phone numbers (listed and unlisted), an email address, age and any other data found on the site regarding the individual.

There is also the Google Search Bar that you can use here to find Google information on the person in question. It comes with methods you can use to properly do your Google search.

Free Phone Number Searches on 123 People Search

Phone number searches on 123 People Search are performed on the search bar which is on the right of the name search bar. Just enter the phone number on the phone number lookup bar and press search.

The outcome from your search might be a full name of the owner of the phone number, address, email address and other data on the individual available on the site’s database. 

Yahoo People Search on 123 People Search


Yahoo People Search on 123 People Search

A Yahoo people search will help you find people, phone numbers, addresses, businesses and more. You can find all this using a name, phone number, an address and email. Enter these details on the relevant search bars and search.

Email Searches on 123 People Search for Free


Email Searches on 123 People Search for Free



An Email Address Search on 123 means that you will be searching from a number of top email search sites out there. These are sites like Address, Yahoo Email and ICQ Email Directory. All these offer their searches absolutely free.

Other Free People Search Links on 123 People Search

Besides the Google search bar, you have links to free searches like in Search Detective, Phone Directory Search and Reverse Phone Lookup.  Other free searches include searches from sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Friend Finder.

People Search Links on 123 People Search

There are also premium searches offered by this site. You can search from Intelius to do background checks, criminal records searches, unlisted phone number searches and cell phone number searches.

Conducting a free search on 123 to find people will make it possible to search from numerous databases. You can choose the one search that you think might give you a quick result but if not, you still have plenty of options to try out.



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