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Absolutely Free People Lookup from Topix  

A people search from Topix is possible for a number of searches you might wish to conduct despite this being a site that is more of news search engine. These may be cases where you are looking to find information on yourself online, or you are looking to find someone on the internet.

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It might be an old friend, old lover or you might be looking to do a background check on someone. You can find options to do these searches from this site.  

This site is different in nature as it performs searches according to topics. You can also search on Yahoo for a free people search using the links provided on this site.  

Searching by Topic from Topix

This site is well known for connecting people to the news that they are looking for in the US. People looking to find news on their city can access them through a Topix city site. Every city has its own site where the news is stored according to category. To access them, you will need to enter your zip code. You will find forums, news, polls and more on your location.  

Performing People Searches on Topix

People Searches on Topix

News searches are not the only types of searches you can do on Topix. You can do people searches on this site. There are links that can make this possible for you. You have a link to the White Pages for a free people search and Yellow Pages for a free business search.  

With a first name, last name, city and state; you are on your way to a result on the white pages found on this site. These are results like a phone number and residential address and other possible results on the site’s database. There are helpful hints next to the search bar which might help you maximize your search results.  

You can also do a reverse phone number search from here. The search box for this search is below the name search box. Enter the phone number on the phone number lookup search bar and press find. Your search might return its owner, their address and any available information linked to it.  

Yellow pages search

The yellow pages searches will let you search for any business. There are also business categories that you can use on your lookup if you know which category the business falls under.  

You can use the options given above to look for people from Topix. Topix is well known for being a news site but also has links to people searches that are cost free online. Take advantage of these free of charge options and find what you are looking for.


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