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Totally Free People Search Xbox Live

Xbox Live is a Microsoft created online multiplayer gaming service. Its competitors are Sony PlayStation Network and Nintendo Network.

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The Xbox Live services actually are divided into two. There is the Xbox Live Free (also known as the Xbox Live Silver) and the Xbox Live Gold. The major difference between the Xbox Live Free and the Xbox Live Gold is that you cannot play online with the Xbox Live Free. It is however possible to download some demos and contents with the Xbox Live Free version.

Free People Searches on Xbox Live

To search for people on Xbox Live you need to send and accept friend requests. These are the people who will then show up no matter what game you play. To send a friend request, you will need to sign in first to Xbox Live. Navigate to the social option, select “Friends”. Choose “Add Friends”. The next step would be to enter the gamertag of the person you are looking to invite as a friend. After that you then choose “Done”. You will then have to write a message or use the standard message available and select “Send Request”.

To view someone’s profile on Xbox Live, you will need to first sign in. Go to “Social” where you will have to select “Friends” then select the person’s avatar to be able to see their profile. To select the person’s gamer card, press A. That is a method to a totally free people search on Xbox Live.

On the Gamer Profile, you can send someone a message, invite them to chat, play a game, compare scores, join a party or even unfriend them. Personal Profiles include real names, bio and location. You will also be able to view their friends unless they have blocked the option. If the person had linked their Facebook account to the Xbox bio, you are able to view it and get more details on them.

The Xbox Live Gold

The Xbox Live Gold services come at a certain fee. To have access to the Xbox Live Gold version, you will need to register and be a member. You will be able to do multiplayer games with your friends, Watch Netflix, be on Twitter, Facebook, Last .fm and much more.

Since it’s possible to Xbox Live Users to connect as well as message each other directly through Window Live Messenger, it is possible to do people searches on Xbox Live.   

The Xbox Live Silver

The Xbox Live Silver allows members to do voice chats as well as private chat. Even though it does not allow members to play online it’s     still possible to keep in touch with friends and family through this service. Whether you have the Xbox Live Free or the Xbox Live Gold, you are able to connect with your friends and chat.



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