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How to do a Free Phone Number Lookup Online

Phone number lookups are possible on the web since listed phone number information is made available to the public free of cost. This is information that was available on telephone directories but has now been made available online. It is normally referred to as White Pages information. Listed phone numbers for businesses is referred to as the Yellow Pages.



However, the same cannot be said about cell phone numbers. Cell phone numbers are not registered anywhere. That makes it hard to find them. Nevertheless there are cell phone number sites which have aggregated this data for public consumption at absolutely no cost. They have made it easy to find people online using a cell phone number for free. There are also sites which have developed certain apps to help you locate cell phone numbers online.

1. Global Phone Numbers

Global phone numbers

Finding global phone numbers is quite easy. Most countries now have online phone books/directories on the net. You just have to search for the search services in that specific country. For example; if you want to find people in Canada, you can simply go to Canada white pages ( or any other Canada search site that you know and do your search there.   

2. People Search on Verizon 

Verizon people search

Verizon on its own does not do cell phone number searches but only provide telecommunication services to the public. There is no Verizon database to search from. However there are suggested sites which can help you find information on the cell phone number service provided by this company. Some of the sites which offer these searches do so at a certain charge. You can try them if you have exhausted all free options that you can find.  

3. Phone Number Lookup on Cell Phones

Lookup on cellphones

There are numerous suggested sites online that can help you find cell numbers and ordinary telephone numbers. So whether it’s a cell phone number that you want to look up or you are looking to find someone’s cell phone number, you can get results from the web. It must be stated though that search methods vary from site to site and so is the data from their databases. It is a good idea to try searching from different sites to maximize your chances of getting a hit. 

4. Google People Search for Phone Numbers on the Web 

Google phone number search

Ever since Google shut down its phone book operator in November 2010, it is not quite as easy to find people’s phone numbers on Google. This does not mean that you can’t use Google to find people and their phone numbers. You can still achieve that by entering the phone number on the search bar (with the area code). The number will probably be listed in numerous directories. If the number is attached to a business then the business will be among the first few results. Unfortunately, if it is attached to a household, it will not show. But it may show if the number appears/or was added anywhere on the net, most probably a social networking site.  

5. Reverse Phone Search 

Reverse phone search

You have a phone number and probably want to know where and how you can find the owner of the number (or who it belongs to). There are a number of sites and services that you can use to do this. Sites like will let you enter the phone number on their search box and give you data such as the person’s full name and address. The only problem you may encounter is if the number has been used by different people in the past (previous residents and you haven’t changed it).  

6. Phone Number Lookup Apps 

Phone number lookup apps

Apps like spydialer have made it easy to find who a phone number belongs to. This app also lets you do reverse cell phone number searches.  


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