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Methods to Find People with Global Phone Numbers  Online

You have a number of options at your disposal when it comes to a people search on global phone numbers. There are sites that you can use which offer searches in a number of countries around the world.

Global phone numbers

These sites will help you find someone’s phone number as well as do a reverse phone number search. It is also possible to do business phone number searches from a number of them.  

Free Phone Number Searches from Number Way

Phone Number Searches from Number Way

Number Way offers free phone number searches for people and businesses all over the world. It acts as an international database for online White Pages and Yellow Pages. You are sure to get the latest information on this site as it is constantly updated.  

To search on the site’s database you will need to first enter the name of the country you are looking to search from and press “go”. You will then be given the sites from that country which will help you do your searches. Choose one that you think might give you the results you are looking for. Try to search from a number of sites too as they all have different data.  

International White Pages Free Phone Number Searches for Free 

International White Pages

The International White Pages are a good initiative for a phone numbers search. This is because they come with two very useful search boxes. There is a search box which will allow you to find a country’s calling code and another one which will take you to the country’s directory for your search.  

To search from this site choose the country you want to search from on the International Calling Codes. You will be given its code. You can choose the country you want to search from on the International Directories search box.  

Other Free International Phone Number Search Options 

A search from the sites suggested on web directories might also do the trick for you. The sites mentioned here will help you do international searches. There are more than twenty of them. Try them out and see what they have for you. There are also others suggested from web world index. You will also find sites that will let you do cell phone and alumni searches as well.  

You can try a people search on global phone numbers from the sites mentioned above. They offer different types of searches from different types of databases, making your search broad. Try as many as you can, after all, they are free of charge.  


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