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Top 5 Ways to Lookup People on Verizon Free of Charge

Although there is no Verizon database where you can do cell phone number searches from, there are ways you can do a free people search on Verizon numbers on the web. This is possible through a number of sites.

Verizon people search

All of them have different ways to help you conduct the search. This article will help you with examples of those sites and how to go about a cell phone search on them.  

Your first stop might be Google. You can either look for someone’s cell phone number from this site or try a reverse cell phone number lookup. To search for someone’s cell phone number, type the person’s name on the Google search bar in quotes and press search. To make your search more direct you can include other details about the person, like location (city or state), their profession or favorite activity. These are the details that will help narrow down your search.  

To do a reverse cell phone lookup on Google, you just type in the number on Google’s search bar then press search. If the cell phone number is somewhere on Google’s database you will definitely get a hit. Those are the Google cell phone searches that you can try. There are also other sites who are dedicated to cell phone number searches that you can try.

People Search Sites 

Search Sites

It is possible to find a cell phone number or search for information on a number of people search sites too. Some people like the privacy that come with cell phones and that makes it hard to find information on them. Other people however, choose to replace their landlines with their cell phone numbers. This means that when you search for information on them you find the cell phone number as a result.  

People Search

You can try a search on the Super Pages. You can search for someone’s cell phone number from here using a name search on the 'People Search' bar. You will need to have a name and location to be able to search. You can also do a reverse cell phone number lookup using the Reverse Phone Lookup category.  

reverse cell phone number search

Another site you can use is spy dialer. This site will let you do a reverse cell phone number search. Just enter the number on their search bar and the site will go straight to the phone’s voicemail and return with voicemail messages. That way you will know who owns the cell phone number.  

Searching From Social Sites 

Social sites are a good source of cell phone numbers too. You can do a search by name or reverse cell phone number for information. People sometimes add their cell phone details when registering on these sites. Good examples are Facebook, LinkedIn and Friendster.  

Try these suggestions if you want to search for people on Verizon numbers and see what comes out. Try as many searches as you can as the sites have different information to offer.  


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