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Use Alumni and Other Sites to Search for a Person by their Maiden Name

You have quite a number of options when it comes to a people lookup with a maiden name on the internet. A maiden name is the last name of a person that they use from birth. It usually changes for women when they get married as they then use the husband’s last name. It is rather hard to find them if you are not familiar with the husband’s last name, but you do have options.

It will all depend on the type of history you have with the person you are looking to find. If it’s someone you attended school with, your best bet is sites that offer alumni searches. If you know the county or state the person moved to, you can try the services of the marriage records of that county or state. You can find these records online.

Alumni Search Sites

Alumni sites will let you find information on former classmates. You can also find information on anyone as long as you know the year they graduated, the state, city and the name of the school they attended. With alumni sites you can search from universities, colleges and high schools across the country. Alumni sites let you pick the state you want to search from, along with the city, then you can select the school to search from.

Some alumni sites will need that you register and be a member on them before you can do your search. If you do not find information on these sites, you can communicate with others who might have information on the person you are looking to find.

County Marriage Records

Counties and states keep records on marriages. Navigating to a county or state records database where the person is, might help unveil some details. This is easier when you know where the person is. If the county or state does not have any information on those records, they will show you or give directions to where you might get those records.

Each county and state has its own different criteria to keep or furnish these records to the public. Even so, they do provide all the necessary steps you need to follow to come up with the information you are looking for.

Another option might be to just pay a visit to these offices and asking for these details. They might require that you provide identification and reasons for requesting these facts.

The methods mentioned above will help you find a person using their maiden name. Remember, a people search is more rewarding when you have more details on the person you are looking for. Incorporating information like age and location might just do the trick for you.

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