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Totally Free People Search in Michigan

Michigan offers numerous options to a totally free people search online. You can use different search details to find information on the sites offering free searches in Michigan. You can search from the sites with a name, phone number, email, business name and a lot more.

Michigan people search

Searches usually bring back information like full names, phone numbers, emails, residential addresses, birth, marriage, death, criminal records and any other details available from the site that you are using concerning the search. Let’s take a look at some of the sites and the types of searches they offer in Michigan.

Searching from Michigan Free Public Records Directory


Searching from herewill let you look up birth, marriage, divorce, death, criminal records and a lot more. With a name (first and last name) plus location (city) you are on your way to finding these records on the person. You can narrow down your search on the site by selecting the County you want to search from, category of your search and the State you want to search from. If you do not have these details with you, it’s ok since you can still try a search with whatever little information you have here.

Try Searches from People Smart

A search from People Smartwill enable you to go through the Michigan White Pages. That means that you can search from here if you have a name, phone number and address. When searching with a name or address, you will need to also provide the location you want to search from.

Another suggested solution on this site is to contact the Michigan State Police for someone who is missing. There is a link to the site from here. They also offer links to background searches that you can try out.  Most states require a small fee for these searches.

Search from Peek You for Free

You can use a name, phone number, address, email and username to find information from Peek You. Just like most people search sites, you will need to provide location when performing name searches or address searches.

There are also links to other sites from here where you can do background searches on people. Background searches from other sites come at a price. These sites are Intelius, Spokeo and People Finders to name some of them. Searches involve criminal records searches, court records searches and others.

Try any of the above listed searches and they will give you a totally free people search in Michigan. The good thing is that you are able to search with a number of search details for results. Whatever information you have, you can perform a people search in Michigan at no cost.


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