Totally Free People Search Engines on Squidoo

Discussed here are free people search sites that will make you people search an easy experience. These sites are discussed inside Squidoo by some lens masters. We will also look at a few Squidoo features that can be used to run a people search cost free.  They all have different search methods and functions. That means you can expect different results from them.

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Sidenote: Squidoo was acquired by and at the time of reading this might already be integrated inside the site.

Squidoo is well known for allowing internet users to develop their own pages on topics of their interest to sell products for profit or charitable purposes. You do not need to be an expert on the topic of interest to post. These people are known as “lensmasters”. It also allows content developers to benefit from links referrals to sites like Amazon or Ebay.

Free People Search Engines on Squidoo

Like I mentioned before, there are numerous top of the range free people search sites covered on Squidoo. These sites were covered by a “lensmaster” and are seven in all. My Lifeis covered as the first one. My Life will let you search for people, find out who is looking for you plus the site also act as a social network. Once you have connected with the people you are looking for, you are able to keep in touch from the site. This site merged with Reunion which makes it possible to do alumni searches on it.

The second covered site is Piplwhich has a unique search characteristic of searching the deep web, where apparently even Google can’t reach. The third site covered is Whats Yo Namewhich searches from social networks, blogs as well as other places. The Online Directory(White Pages) is at number four on the list. This directory is good for name searches, reverse phone searches and reverse address searches. I

Googleis the fifth site discussed in the list. Google also does perform good people searches considering that its one of the best search engines in the world. Inteliusis at number six. This site do really good background checks and charge for detailed reports though. The last one is Wink, another good background check site. The order in which they are arranged has nothing to do with their performance when it comes to people searches.

Using Squid Who

Squidoo has developed SquidWhowhich is a people built data base. On this page, people are expected to create a page on someone and provide all information they can on the individual. They are expected to share their opinions but all information offered must be true.

These are the totally free people search engines on Squidoo that you can find. Use these suggestions to find information on the people you are looking for. They are absolutely free of cost and will only cost you time.

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