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Best Free Reverse Email Search Engines

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

Free Reverse email lookup is a way to find out ownership information of an email address or social media account. The free reverse email search engines  make their databases of one billion records online and these records are now accessible through a web search.

One of the significant features of this system is that the results are displayed instantly and there is no waiting period required.

Using reverse email lookup search engines, a person performing an individual search or employer that is researching a client or employee now has immediate access to email address ownership information.

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Recent estimates published in consumer research reports have put the number of personal email addresses that a person owns at three per household. Some consumers have secondary addresses that are used to sign up for website offers or to give to the public when doing business on websites like eBay or Craigslist.

Since these email addresses are private, it can be difficult to find out the owner of an email address when conducting business online. The reverse email lookup service is helping email address searchers to find out who owns an email address

This article is for those who are in search of free reverse email search engines as it provides necessary information of different available search engines that you can use for your email search.

Zosearch is one of the  free reverse email search engines with an extensive database that links with different public records, social media, and other resources.  Hence, this platform helps you reduce the chances of getting the wrong results.

Zosearch offers a reliable email lookup used by millions of users. If you have been receiving threatening emails, then this site will solve that problem for you.

Besides, since everything is automatic, you will not spend much of your time searching for the owner of the email. The system generates the report within a few minutes.

Aeroleads is one of the best online reverse email lookup tools of 2020. It enables you to build a real-time email list for marketing and sales purpose. Aeroleads software is available in a free trial version with 10 credits to search for your potential prospects. By using this reverse email lookup platform, you will able to:

  1. Find business emails and contacts from LinkedIn
  2. Get 15 data points (full name, job title, location, working company details, business contact numbers, etc.)
  3. Export data to Hubspot CRM, Zapier, Zoho CRM, FreshSales, Salesforce, etc.
  4. Create amazing content, capture leads through this lead generation tool, and preserve them through rebound emails. However, this service is not free.

You can use unlimited free accounts but they come with some limitations on usage and results. You can install AeroLeads software through a chrome plugin and start using it for free people search.

BeenVerified Email Lookup

BeenVerified is one of the best online lookup email address tools. BeenVerified searches dozens of social network platforms to get the relevant details for your email address.

In some rare cases, this search engine can also be used to obtain criminal records and any civil cases about an unknown sender. After performing a reverse e-mail lookup search, BeenVerified provides you a detailed report that contains the following details of sender:

  1. Real Name and Age
  2. Current Address
  3. Business and Personal Contacts
  4. Education and Profession Details
  5. Social Media Links
  6. Names of employees connected with him/her
  7. Criminal records if any

Your email address lookup reverse searching with BeenVerified is completely secured and personal.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Another valuable options for your reverse email lookups is LinkedIn Sale Navigator. LinkedIn sales navigator is one of the best services which you can reliably use to perform a reverse e-mail lookup search.

It is available as a LinkedIn browser extension that provides all the necessary information about the sender. It’s a Chrome extension and easy to install and use.

After performing an email address lookup email search, you get details about name, company, contact number, and location.

The above methods will give results easily if the email address is available publicly. However, if you still don’t find any information, you can try some clues to get more details such as searching for the domain name from the email address to get the information.


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