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Last Updated on August 30, 2021

So you have been scouring the internet looking for the free trial people search sites? How do I know this for a fact? I have been there too. Below I share 10  sites for your perusal. you can also click the link how to find someone free of charge to learn more about searching for anyone without paying anything at all.


If you want to find a long lost friend, former classmate, relative (parents, brother, sister) or you simply want to find out more information about someone in your life absolutely free of cost, then you are in the right place.

A free trial people search report gives you everything you would typically get if you were a paying member of the site.  So you enjoy the best of both worlds at no charge. Let’s take a moment to review them below. Note that this is  not a list of the  free people search sites but it is a list of sites where you can at least sign up and get a free trial.

LocatePlus – offers a 10 day risk free people search trial


This site offers and investigative database. It has a proprietary database of billions of information from internet browsers, non-public and public records – great for skip tracing. They have an enforcement software and skip tracing tools that they use to cross reference some records, match and link people search database based on specified search parameters that the user inputs.

InfoTracer – Offers a discounted amount as a 7 day trial for unlimited reports

infotracer logo

This site does not offer a 100% free trial for people searching but it offers a reduced fee of $4.95 as a 7 day trial. You get access to unlimited reports within this time and then after that you are automatically charged $19.95 per month unless you cancel your subscription.

Simply input the details of your people search and when you get to the check-out page you should see something like the image below – unlimited search access; includes report on [name of person] + 1 week of unlimited reports. You will also have to agree to the terms and conditions before you can be able to proceed with the check out.

people search report sample

Wyty – offers a 7 day free trial site


Established in 2004, this site offers a people search directory with information sourced from public records. You can find people by name, phone and address.  The free phone number search includes both fixed and cell phone number lookup.

Essentially this site offers a reverse people search. Their 7 day trial is explicitly mentioned on their reverse phone search landing page and not on the reverse name serve and reverse address search. It maybe that the 7 day free trial option is only for the reverse phone lookup or rather find people by phone number search. – Not for public investigative solutions

lppolice logo

This website offer investigative information sourced from both public and non-public records. Also driven by a skip tracking software that they use to sift through billions of historical, current and cross referenced people search records. Some of the searches they help conduct include person, social security, phone, email, criminal background, civil records, address, and motor vehicle searches.

Note that this site is said to serve government and police – so this might mean you can’t use their services as a normal citizen. They provide this only to those that qualify under governing laws and acts, including the IRSG Principals, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and the Driver Privacy Protection Act.

However, I do advise that you contact them using their available contact details on the form and hear what they will say.

sample thankyou page lppolice

Spokeo Free trial – Get a free people search trial coupon

spokeo logo

Spokeo is  a well-known people search engine that brings together public records, social network information as well as whitepages listings to provide one of the truly comprehensive people search solutions online.

This deal is not necessarily available via Spokeo but you have to go through to find it. I am also not sure how long this offer will last so please do be careful when attempting to get the deal via the link. If the deal is off on that website, you can try the same people search trial on

BY following the offers link I was able to get a 51% off for $0.95, which is not really bad. This is a special offer with free trial membership that gives you fill access to name search i.e. you can search and find people in the US by their name, check phone number, home address lookup, do email lookup and more as well as get instant access to email, phone and address search. Typically the name ONLY report would cost you $1.95

95 cents report billing screenshot

TruthFinder Free Trial – Initial 5 day trial for first time customers

This offer is available at and I cannot guarantee you will always find it there. While it is not 100% free of charge, it is one of the closest things to a people search free trial. You are only required to pay $1 for unlimited searches for 5 days after which you will be billed the normal fees. Normally the monthly membership fee is $27.78 or you can choose to pay for a 3 months plan at a slightly reduced price.

truthfinder special offer banner

Golookup –  1 Dollar Background Check Report

golookup logo

This is one of many other people search sites that source their information from public records. Their unique selling point is that they also offer search for unclaimed monies. They are a fully paid service because they also source their information from government entities that sell the public records data.

They currently offer a $1 background check report as a trial for 2 days after which you then have to pay a monthly membership fee. you can access and unlock reports around sex offenders, unclaimed money, criminal records, social information, contact info, email information, address history, arrest records and more.

Intelius – 7 days free trial

intelius logo

This is one of the most popular and biggest people search companies online. It even owns several other people finders. Typically this is a paid service that offers a both paid and membership option for finder results.

On a parting note, when attempting to use any of these free trial people search sites, do take the time to verify whether or not the trial offer still stands and the terms and conditions of using their service for example as you have seen above, some sites are not open to the public and you may also find that some of these people search engines change their free trial offer by the time you visit their page.

Some people search sites I also recommend you check  instant check mate  and

Note other sites do not necessarily offer a people search free trial but they offer a 100% money back guarantee. This basically means you will have to pay upfront for the report and if it’s not what you are looking for, they will refund you in full and no questions asked. You can check out a site called – again they have no trial option but offers a money back guarantee.

You can also take a few moments to check out our comprehensive list of free people search engines before you proceed to the recommended sites above. Alternatives see this free whitepages guide.


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