How to Conduct a Free People Lookup in the United States of America

Last Updated on August 30, 2021

If you are looking for ways on how to find someone free of charge in the USA, you can read on. The next paragraphs will cover on the different methods you can use to find anyone in the USA using online resources which are free of cost. It will also cover places where you can try these free people searches from.


This article will focus mainly on the options you have when you are looking to search by State. Each State has its own unique way of conducting searches and it’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with these methods to get the best out of your search. In fact each State offers  totally free people search sites with different data from each other for you to go through.

We are going to cover a few that might help give a light on how to perform these look ups for free on the internet as we look at some people finders.

1. People Search in Michigan

 Michigan people search

The State of Michigan has White Pages, Yellow Pages and Public Records sites for a search. These locators allow you to search with a name, do a free phone number search, email, address and other search choices for results. All these searches are absolutely free. With an internet connection and your PC, you are on your way to a result from these free people search sites.

2. Search in Florida via the web

FLorida people search

A name, a phone number, residential address, email address are some of the information you can use on locators found in the State of Florida to find details on people. These locators will let you look up free of charge. So if free people searches were in your cards in Florida, this is your opportunity.

3. Finding someone in California

 Find someone in California

The free White Pages are not the only solution to people search in California. There are other people search sites, public records sites and social networks that can land you on free information like criminal records and background checks online in this State. Make your choice as to the type of search you want to conduct, depending on the type of search that you think might give you a positive result when you do your look up.

4. Finding Anyone Anywhere in Colorado

 Find anyone in Colorado

Public records are also available in Colorado for finding people online as well as people search sites. You can search with or obtain birth records, marriage records, death records, criminal records and more at no charge in Colorado by using these locators.

5. People Search in Georgia Online


Whether it’s a lost friend, a relative a business associate or you are looking for more information on someone, you will find answers from the sites dedicated to searches in Georgia. They offer these services free of charge too. Try as many of the sites as possible as they also happen to have differing information on their databases.

6. People Search in Houston, Texas


Free people finder sites, public records sites and social networks on Houston, Texas are your answer to finding information on people on this place. They happen to offer their search services free of charge too. Take advantage of this free offer and find the information you are looking for. You only need to invest time to reap rewards.

7. People Search in Kentucky


There are ways to locate people in Kentucky. Memories of lost friends or former partners may be revived to make new ones with the searches available for a search in Kentucky. These are searches which are 100 % free that I am referring to.

8. Kansas People Finder Guide

 Kansas People Finder

You can find a Kansas phone number, Kansas address, Kansas Satellite Photo and more with a search from the locators used to conduct searches in Kansas. What’s great about these searches is that they are completely free.

9. People Search Ideas in Louisiana


You will be surprised at the number of public records sites available online for a free people search in Louisiana. There are of course other people search sites that can give good results too that you can try out. You have a wide choice for a search on this place so take advantage.

10. People Search in Las Vegas


A White Pages search, Yellow Pages search from Las Vegas pages is not the only solution to finding people in Las Vegas that you can find. There are also other Las Vegas people search sites which are as good.

These are some options you have on how to conduct a totally free people search in the USA using States. Since the States are different, governed by different rules, they are bound to have different search methods. They might have common trends like White and Yellow Pages, but the other search choices vary. Background checks, for example, which are free in one State, might not be obtainable freely in another State. you can check out


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