How To Do A Free People Search On Yahoo

Last Updated on August 30, 2021

Yahoo people search used to be an extremely popular website to find long-lost relatives, or even background check you date before taking them out to dinner. You just needed to enter the person’s name and location and you’d find them online. Free people search on Yahoo also allowed you to find people through street addresses, email addresses as well as phone numbers, all through Yahoo’s search.

In the early days of Yahoo, its people search engine was your only stop to find a person. You could start your Yahoo people search, simply by getting hold of an individual’s public records found with the government or from online white page listings as well as data providers like Datastream group or Intelius.

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How Intelius Worked With The Yahoo 

Intelius used to license the data to Yahoo. The information that was found with the help of Intelius was free, but to pursue your search with the information, you needed to pay for it. If you’re thinking that the information supplied was sensitive, secure or harmful, you’d be wrong because it was retrieved through phonebooks, white and yellow pages. It was available to the general public and could be found easily on the internet.

It was like finding pieces to a puzzle, because if you had a phone number, you could use it for a reverse search to find out who it belonged to. If you simply had the name of the person you’re looking for, you could find phone numbers, email or physical addresses of the people you’re searching for.

The original Yahoo people search engine isn’t available any longer on the internet. If you still want to know how to search people on Yahoo, the search engine itself allows that. You simply need to enter the address, emails, phone numbers and full name of the people you’re searching for, to get started.

How To Search People On Yahoo

The Yahoo people finder  is a great place to start your search for someone online, even though the dedicated Yahoo people search engine is no longer online. That’s because the search engine as well as yahoo mail has much of the same people search functionality that Yahoo People search had.

That being said, be sure that when you start your search, you make a physical note of the information that you find online about the person you’re searching for. Keep tabs on the email addresses, social media profiles, physical address, phone numbers and other details as you come across them from the yahoo free people finder search.

Social Media Profiles Are The Missing Links And Take You Further

Some of the first results you’ll likely come across with the Yahoo people search are social media accounts. That’s your first link to finding out more about the person you’re on the lookout for. For instance, if you want to carry out some research about an individual you’re about to date, “ethically stalking” their active social media profile may give you an idea about the kind of person they are. With pictures, you may be able to see what they look like and through their Facebook posts, for instance, you could make an educated guess about their interests, passions and aspirations.

Once you find out their social media profiles and accounts, it’s up to you to make connections and find the person you’re looking for. For instance, if you get to their linked in profile or account, you may see what year they graduated from University or college to figure out how old they are and reach out to the university to pull up additional information from Alumni records. You may use username or reverse image searches to find people’s social media profiles.

Finding active personal or work emails, YouTube profiles or other social media accounts usually means your search is over, because you can usually send them personal messages indicating that you’ve been searching for them and would like to meet. If they’re a lost relative, you may or may not be in luck depending on how friendly your family’s relations have been with the individual in the past.

Target Specific Keywords and Search In “Quotes”

If you’re trying to find a lost relative, however, you may need to take a somewhat different approach. Typing their name followed by surname in quotes in the Yahoo search bar will turn up results. The more information you can plug in, following a format, the better. For instance, you may start with something like “Keith Winters Toronto hotel manager” and have specific results appear containing the keywords, i.e. the name, location and occupation you typed out.

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