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Last Updated on August 30, 2021

This Zaba search people finder is a review about If you want to know more about the site then take a few minutes to go through this short article.


Zabasearch was founded in 2005 as a people search database. Being a people search site makes it possible to conduct a free searches. This site will get you information on US citizens’ names, phone numbers, current and previous addresses, ages and more. People searches are this site’s specialty. This site aggregates its data from public records and makes it possible for you to find.

If a search produces no result, you are directed to other helpful sites that may not necessarily be totally free people search sites but could prove useful if you have money to spare. There are situations where you are directed to other helpful sites if the information from Zabasearch is not enough for you. Some of these recommended sites will need you to pay for the information.

Searching for Free on Zabasearch

One point to bear in mind is the fact that Zabasearch searches are only available in the US. Another point may be that Zabasearch considers itself as “the number one free people search and public information search engine”. You can find out why.

To search at no cost on Zabasearch, type the information you’ll search with on the appropriate search box. If you are looking to search with a name, type the name on their “Enter a Full Name” bar, choose the state you want to search from and search. You will be given free White Pages information available on the sites like phone numbers and addresses.

Zabasearch reverse phone number lookup

To search by phone number, go to the “free reverse phone  Lookup”. Type in the phone number and conduct your search. That’s another way to use Zabasearch to search for individuals.  By the way you can also click the link to  learn more about how to find someone free of charge.

Premium Searches on Zabasearch

There are also premium searches offered from the site. You can perform these by first registering on the site by
email and password. Another method to register will be through Facebook. Registering will enable you to do a background check or lookup using a phone number for free. This is in a form of a free trial after which you are expected to pay a monthly fee to access information on the site.

Premium searches you can perform involve background checks and phone number searches. The premium information available on Zabasearch is offered by Intelius.

These are some of the ways to follow if you want to find people using Zaba. You can choose the premium search option if you are looking to find more details like background checks on people. But a cost free search might be all that you need when it comes to people searches on Zabasearch.


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