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How To Find Someone’s Birthday On LinkedIn

Last Updated on May 21, 2022

In this guide, we will look at how to find someone’s birthday on Linkedin. Earlier, people used calendars to keep track of important life events. Today, however, the internet has expanded the possibilities of knowing someone from the other side of the world – they may even be business partners. It’s important to keep in touch with everyone, including friends, business partners and close relatives and keep track of important dates. 

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People use different online platforms to lookup their friends and acquaintances along with their information, which includes birthdays. There are many social media platforms that linkup people, some more professionally than others. LinkedIn is a social networking site where professionals in different fields connect with each other and reap the benefits from knowing each other.

There are a number of totally free people search sites to consider but In this article, we’ll tell you how to find people’s birthdays using your LinkedIn account. Hopefully you are noting that you will need to make sure that you already have an account on this site in order for you to access more details about people. 

Search Personal Profiles Of Your Contacts 

In LinkedIn, a user can maintain both public and private profiles simultaneously. The user profile generally shows all the basic information about the user, such as contact numbers, dates of birth, education, and more. Unless it is made public, this information is available to only those who are connected to the individual on LinkedIn.

Therefore, the best way to find someone’s birthday on LinkedIn is to search his profile. Here is how you can find people for free on the site.

  1. Log into your LinkedIn account and go to the homepage.
  2. On the LinkedIn navigation bar, click on the ‘My Network’ tab to view your connections and contacts.
  3. From the list on the far left side, select the ‘Contact’ tab to open all your contacts. 
  4. Click on each contact separately to view their individual profiles and find their date of birth if it’s listed there. 

If you find a birthdate missing from one or more contact profiles, they may not have made it visible or may have not provided it entirely. You can also ask them for their birth date.

Lookup Notifications 

Unlike Facebook, on LinkedIn you do not get people’s birthday notifications because LinkedIn allows users to control who sees such notifications. If you’re certain that you can see someone’s birthday notifications, here are a few steps to find them.

  1. Log into your LinkedIn account to reach the homepage.
  2. On the main navigation bar, click on the ‘Notification’ tab to open the list of all the notifications.
  3. Click on the ‘See who’s celebrating’ to open the list of all the birthday notifications. 
  4. Keeping scrolling down the list till you find the contact whose birthday you want to know.

You can also wish them a happy birthday by clicking on the ‘Say happy birthday’ icon.

Searching for birthdays on LinkedIn is different from making similar searches on other social media platforms, especially Facebook. You can’t search randomly to find just about anyone’s date of birth – your search is limited to only those friends, colleagues and other individuals you’re connected with on LinkedIn. 

Your birthday search success on LinkedIn mostly depends upon how accurately someone maintains their profiles. If they keep birthday information hidden or private, you cannot find out their date of birth unless you specifically ask for it.

If you do succeed in finding birthday information by either searching notifications or personal profiles, however, LinkedIn allows you to create a customized happy birthday wish. 

LinkedIn is a platform where people connect and share industry knowledge and not particularly made for birthday wishes. It still allows you to search someone’s birthdate especially if they’re a former or current coworker.

Some profiles may belong to entrepreneurs or other professionals which might be beneficial to connect to. We hope this article on how to find someone’s birthday on LinkedIn has been helpful. See below for more recommendations on how to find someone’s birthday using other platforms and methods. You can also go to our ultimate guide on social media search with no credit card needed and how to find someone free of charge 

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