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Last Updated on September 6, 2021

Ever since public records were made available online for free, it is now possible to do a public records search  on people using the internet. Whether you are looking for information on a relative or ancestor, you will find these details on the web.

There are sites which have been developed to make this a reality for anyone in need of such information. Some are free people search sites and some are paid so you might have to choose between the two based on your specific interest.

One point to bear in mind when conducting a free death records search is that death records details on someone are available on the State in which the person died rather than where they were buried. The information that can be revealed from a death records search is birth records, spouse, parents, cause of death and other details. Let’s look at how to find someone free of charge specifically in terms of death records below.

Free Searches from Social Security Death Index


Searching from social security death index will mean searching from a database that has over 89 million death records on US citizens. It is a constantly updated social security number search site. The site stores records on deceased people who had US social security numbers, who when they died, were recorded with the Social Security Administration.

To search from here you have to have the first and last names, date information (birth and death), last known residence (country, city and state) and social security number details.

Search from Ancestry for free

You can lookup death records on your ancestors from This site will provide you with indexes that will connect you to the actual records. Sometimes the indexes have details on how you can ask for the information.

You can do a number of people search records from the site too. With a name, (first and last), birth, marriage and death dates and any other important event that you know of on the person, you are on your way to information on them. The date of birth may be estimated if you are not familiar with it. More search tips are offered on the site.

Find Death Information from Death Records

Death Records is a site that is dedicated to only giving death information on people. You can search using their search bar or refine your search using the search box on the left of the page. To search from here you will need details like a name, location of death, year of birth and death and social security number.

Other Death Records Options in the US

If you are looking for more options for your search, you can try out You will find listed here sites that will help you on your quest to find free death records. There is also a lot of information on death records you can find useful from the site.

With the above listed options you can perform a death records search on the internet. Try these searches and find death records on anyone online. If these options do not produce a positive outcome you can try premium sites.

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