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Overview/Who We Are

Totallyfreepeoplesearch.org was created in 2012 to help ease people searches worldwide. We do this by creating a comprehensive library of up to date people search guides that anyone can use and apply to their cost free people searching. With the comprehensive people search guides we have created over the years, we have assisted a lot of people find their long lost friends and relatives all over the world.

We went a step further and created a people search engine (white pages) where people can actually search for the people they want to find using any piece of personal information.

Our goal is to give you access to information that can help you find people you’re looking for so you can get in contact with them. With the info in our database, TotallyFreePeopleSearch will give you the freedom to search for anyone at no cost at all, and you don’t have to login or create an account with us to do your anonymous search.


There are many reasons to turn to TotallyFreePeopleSearch and what we have to offer. Here are some of the things you can do on our site:

  • Find family, friends, colleagues and classmates
  • Get current phone numbers and addresses
  • See who owns any phone number (Reverse phone search)
  • See who owns an address (Reverse address search)
  • Reconnect with loved ones, friends and family
  • Find people with their date of birth (birthday searches)
  • Background checks
  • Find people in different countries (International people searches)

Why choose TotallyFreePeopleSearch?

With over a million phone numbers and addresses (physical addresses) from the United States, you can use any of the people finder resources and guides we offer on this white pages directory to find people online.

Trusted Sources

All data provided on TotallyFreePeopleSearch white pages pertaining to people is official info also made available on public databases such as public records. This means that no info found on the site is fake or made up.

Full Results

Searches done on this site are more extensive and accurate than general search engine searches where you get general results. People searches on this site’s white pages directory will give you results with all info including the person’s full name, physical address and phone number where you can contact them.

TotallyFreePeopleSearch.org and all people search results are optimized for desktop and mobile viewing. This eliminates the need to install apps for viewing the site on mobile. For support or enquiries, you can contact us at [email protected] or visit our contact-us page any time of day.

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