Best Free Phone Number Lookup 

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Best Free Phone Number Lookup 

Last Updated on February 2, 2022

Find Out Whose Number is This that keeps calling you!

If you have been getting some strange, spam or unknown calls or texts from phone numbers you don’t recognize and want to know whose number is calling you, then you are in the right people search site.

We will provide the best free phone number lookup services you can use to get hold of the owner of the phone number i.e. their name (personal or business), physical address, network and possibly more absolutely free of charge. 

You can also benefit from this article if you are trying to look up friends and family or someone you’ve just met and only have their cell phone or telephone number. Of course keep in mind that people are protected by privacy laws so while you search for their phone number do take that into consideration. 

Is There A Free Reverse Phone Lookup Service?

Yes there is a free phone number lookup service you can use today and we’ve listed them below. The free services typically offer basic information such as a name of the owner and an their address. Typically you would need to pay a small fee for a full report or more details about the person behind the cell phone or landline number. 

For some services, if they do not have the information at all, they will simply recommend a paid service like Intelius. You can choose to check out the site or move on to the next recommended free reverse lookup website in the list below. 

How Does a Free Phone Number Search Service Work?

These services typically go through billions of phone number directories and white pages to organize the information and  help match a name and identity to a phone number. They basically offer the best free number lookup for cell phones, landlines and some even VOIP. 

See Full Report Details

As you peruse the sites you will come across a link or button that says “click here for a full report”, additional information or something similar. If you look clearly you will notice that it is a sponsored link and when you click, you will be sent off to a different site.

Usually these sites do offer comprehensive information and you have nothing to fear but they typically do come at a cost. Most of the  sites have data sharing partners from various locations and there is nothing scammy about being redirected. 

The full report typically comes with the following: 

  1. Details of the owner: first and last name, gender and age
  2. Contact information: email address, alternative phone numbers, social profile
  3. Social media: dating profiles, social accounts and photos. 
  4. Location: current address, previous address and co-residents if available. 
  5. Family Members: names of relatives, their contact details and location
  6. Personal details: property owner, income & other interest

Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services List


This is a global free phone number search service that’s currently taking the entire world by storm. With millions of users worldwide it is by far the best international reverse search provider available today.

It is completely free to use but you will need to register to use the site. Trust me, it’s worth it.  You can download their app (iOS, Android and Windows) for ease of use. 

Free Whitepages

This popular website offers lookup for both landlines and cell phone numbers absolutely free. Simply log on to the site, choose the “reverse phone” tab and hit the search button to get your results. With over 260 million phone numbers and cell phone numbers the probability is high that you will find the registered owner of the phone number you are looking up


To access this service, log on to When you get there select the “By Phone number” tab and then enter the number and hit the search button. It must be a 10 digit number with the area code.

Note that the data from this site is sourced from a 3rd party provider and not the site itself. This site does not offer a cell phone number search. 


A well established people finder that gives you useful information of the person who called you. The site has a white pages directory where it pulls the details from. It also has partnership agreements with 3rd party data providers so where they have scanty information, they will send you off to the partner site. Be aware that you might have to pay a fee on the partner site. 

Spy Dialer

This site offers a free people search by phone number solution for both cell phones and landlines. The best part about it is that you can use it to search for unlisted numbers. 


This is one of the seriously free reverse phone number lookup services where you don’t need to sign up or register to get the details. They search through what is known as the deep web to unearth detailed information about the owner of the number that keeps calling you. 


This is another completely free service that offers secure and anonymous searches. There is no option to search for addresses and names but of course if you are just looking to run a number only then the site is just for you. Interestingly you can make calls using this service. 


This site sifts through billions of public records to give you details of the registered owner of a phone number. Unfortunately it is only accessible to US users only unless of course you have a VPN to access it even when outside of the US. 

Other reverse lookup services you can use include (paid and free)

These Include Pipl,, Truthfinder,, Anywho, CallRevealer, BeenVerified, PeopleFinders, Instant Checkmate, PhoneRegistry, E-Verify & PeepLookup.


Not all reverse phone number directories or phone scam and spam monitoring tools update their information on a daily or regular basis. So it’s possible to spend time on a site searching only to find that the details provided about the person are outdated. 

In as much as most of the partner sites you get redirected to are legit, you will find some that are pure scam with an intention to get you to enter your credit card details and pay for useless reports.

So one of the ways to verify the legitimacy of the sites is to check if they have been featured anywhere. Usually you will do something like as featured in; NBC, Fox, Wikihow, for example. 

Lastly, as you visit each of the sites do make sure you read the fine print. Below is an example of what you will typically come across.


DATA WARNING: Every detail provided in this website is sourced from public records,  which may have some level of inaccuracy, outdated or  incorrect.

You may proceed to use the service or site at your own risk. There are no guarantees being made, expressed or even implied with relations to the accuracy of the information provided.

Errors and no results may be returned in the results. The website is not a credit reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the search results are not to be treated as consumer reports as defined by the FCRA.

Select a U.S. state below for a specific state phone number lookup

U.S. Area Codes


201 New Jersey
202 District of Columbia
203 Connecticut
205 Alabama
206 Washington
207 Maine
208 Idaho
209 California
210 Texas
212 New York
213 California

214 Texas
215 Pennsylvania
216 Ohio
217 Illinois
218 Minnesota
219 Indiana
220 Ohio
224 Illinois
225 Louisiana
228 Mississippi
229 Georgia

231 Michigan
234 Ohio
239 Florida
240 Maryland
248 Michigan
251 Alabama
252 North Carolina
253 Washington
254 Texas
256 Alabama
260 Indiana

262 Wisconsin
267 Pennsylvania
269 Michigan
270 Kentucky
272 Pennsylvania
276 Virginia
279 California
281 Texas

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