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How To Find someone In Canada For Free Online

Last Updated on December 13, 2021

There are absolutely great ways to go about that using international people search online. In this case, we are going to look at how to find someone in Canada for free. So if you are asking yourself, how can I find someone in Canada then you have come to the right place. This is one of many helpful guides on free people search of this website. Take a few minutes to discover more.

So if you want to know how to find someone in Canada then start by reviewing & pondering these facts.  The country has about 38 million people with more than 87% of them using the internet. This means that when trying to find people you generally stand a 87% chance providing every one of those people have their information listed someone on the internet. If the person you are looking for then he or she is part of the 8 million or so people living in Canada as foreigners.

Read on an your will find out how to find a person by name from places like Ontario, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Surrey, Alberta, Sudburry Calgary.  Our best recommended methology for people lookup Is to use free people finders or search engines like 411, Facebook, Google, reverse people searching, library & archives (LAC) and cyber pages.

1. Use Canada 411 People Search

You will never go wrong with a search from 411. You can do numerous searches like a name search, reverse phone search and reverse address search.

To search with a name, just type the name of the person you are searching for on the search bar and their last name, plus city and province and then search. You will be able to find their address along with a postal code and their telephone number.

Phone number searches are also possible here since they have a directory on them. This is because the site is powered by the Yellow Pages.

You can also search with an address since the listed numbers in their directory come with address and names. So it’s only appropriate that your reverse address search will result in a name and phone number as part of your results.

Some of the locations you can lookup using this include Calgary, winnipeg, NS, nanimo bc,  Montreal, Surrey, Alberta, Sudburry Calgary, regina, Ottawa, Belleville, Vernon bc, Sault ste Marie, Stratford, Richmond hill, Owen Sound, Chiliwack bc, Kamloops, Newfoundland, ST Catharines, Halifax,  Victoria to name just a few.

2. Free People Finders or Search Engines

When wanting to know how to find someone in Canada for free most people turn to the US based people search engines like Zabasearch, Spokeo, True People Search, Fast People Search, Anywho, Pipl even Yahoo but while you can try these our they are not necessarily the best when it comes to looking up people in the country.

Here is a list of other people search engines or websites you can use and have proven to work effectively when searching for someone in the country.

  • Canada411 – already reviewed above this is one of the best finders to use before you try out any other. You can download the app if you like.
  • Intelius – you can find details such as phone numbers, run background checks, addresses, jobs schools and more.
  • Cellulaire – you can conduct a reverse search i.e. enter the number of person you are looking for and you will then see more information about that person. You might need to translate the site as it shows Trouvez qui vous a appelé (Find out who called you) when you first login.
  • Phone Pages – an online business directory that has about 1 million listings of people residing in the country.
  • Whitepages: Easily run a people search, reverse address, reverse phone number lookup and business search. Learn more about Free white pages
  • CanadaPages – You can use the search box or search for a person in Canada by using ‘A to Z’ surnames. So this is very good if you want to find someone in Canada by name

3. Use Facebook Canada people search

To find someone in Canada on Facebook means simply logging in on the social network and using the search tool. Enter the person’s name and then filter by name.

One of my tricks is to find a possible mutual friend and then search through their friends list. You can go through as many of your mutual friends as possible.

Use a Google people search Canada

Do not underestimate the power of the big old G when it comes to your search. Simply enter their name and other details you may have and specify the country name and hit search. You can also implement some tricks to find people on Google

5. Do a  reverse people search

Reverse people searching involves using one piece of information to find another. For example, you find someone by email address or by their name by name and age. So start by listing all the known information about the person you are looking for and then use the info with the recommended finder sources in this guide.

For example if you want to know how to find someone in Canada by email address then you can go to Whitepages to enter the information you have or similarly if you are wondering how to find people in Canada by address or by name and age you can then log on to the free people finders recommended here.

6. Access the Library and Archives (LAC)

library archives center

You can visit their website to find genealogical information, census data and various types of documents. If you wish to conduct your research on location, visit the Canadian Genealogy Centre in Ottawa.

How to find information about someone

If you are looking for certain info about people then you can still use the internet to search and find it free of charge. You can find people’s phone numbers, email addresses, mailing address and more.

1. Find peoples phone numbers

To find someone’s phone number go to these Canadian phone directory or sites; Canada411, Yellowpages, Pages Jaunes, Canpages,  Phone pages to find people’s phone numbers in Canada or Cellulaire as your best options. You can also use an online directory assistance. You can also check out the mobile number directory

2. Find an address?

The best way to find out where someone lives in Canada is probably to put a Craigslist  of the person whose address you are trying to find. There is a chance they will see it or someone who knows where the live will see it and possible respond to it. Alternatively get a private investigator through the  Canadian Private Investigators’ Resource Centre.

3. Find someone’s email address 

To find an email address for someone use the Yahoo People search website. Simply enter the name and last name of the person in the search box and see if the results provide what you are looking for.

Also because emails are generally hosted on global domains you can use general email finder sites like Pipl, Spokeo, Intelius, Fast people search, True people search to name a few.

How to Find People by City

While you can try out the already recommended ways on how to find someone in Canada for free by specific city or locations free of charge, the best recommended way is to simply use private investigators. Below are examples of 5 locations and our best Private Investigator recommendations best on user reviews.

Find People in Ontario

If you want to find someone in Ontario the best recommended PIs include Bélanger & Assoc. Investigations, Canadian Special Investigations and Discreet Investigations & Security. One of these will most definitely help but if you want a free people search in Ontario then start with the recommendations made earlier.

Find people in Toronto

To search for people in Toronto, the capital of Ontario we recommend Haywood Hunt, The investigators Group Inc & The Smith Investigation Angency as the best Toronto Canada people search PIs. You can definitely try these if the ideas presented earlier do not help you to locate the person in Toronto.

Find People in Ottawa

To find a person in Ottawa choose amongst these best PIs; Lapointe Investigations, Private Eye Investigations & Inquisitive Mind Research investigations.

Find people in Montreal

For an effect people search in Montreal get in touch with Agence D’investigation VIP, M3 investigation, Solutions Risque or MadPI. Of course this could be your last option if the recommendations above do not work for you.

Find people in Vancouver

To find people in Vancouver try out Chase & Associates, Vaninfo, Fast Track investigations and BCSI Investigations. You can also use the recommended methods in this guide.

Frequently Asked questions

  • How to find out which prison someone is in

 To find someone in jail you need to try our different sources. For example you can try where you enter first and last name to run a search, or  the inmate search finder at Jailguide where you have several options for your search, check out the correctional services website or maybe join a community at Prison Talk forum.

  • How to find out if someone is married

To find out if someone is married or divorced you can use marriage records and yes marriage records are public in Canada.

  • How to find out if someone died

Death records are public record and you can access the death certificates no matter your relational status to the person you are looking for. You can look up the info on the Library and Archives and also try out Online Death Indexes and Records here

We offer more tips and tricks on the site to help you learn how to find someone in Canada for free. Simply browse more of our helpful guides of follow us on social media.

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  1. Dennis R. Buckle

    I’m looking for a friend of mine who I worked with at Ex Park Horse racing, Her name is Connie Clark, she lived in Richmond BC when I knew her. Thanks???


  2. I know a name Sam Sharma lives on Trafalgar in Milton Ontario, but I deleted his # and I have tried facebook. He reached out to me a few months ago but I was in a bad situation. I need help finding him

  3. Fernanda Marcondes

    Hello, My name is Fernanda, I am from Brasil and I am looking for a friend, who was in Olinda (Pernambuco) in 1986-1987. His name is CARYDIS GUY. Probably he is now 68 years old. He worked like a cooker.
    His last adress was:
    Please, if someone know abot him, give my e-mail to him. In this pandemic I was thinking so much about my life and I remembered about him. I really would like to know how is he.

  4. I am looking for a cousin I haven’t heard from since 2002. Name Betty Ann Marten (Maiden name) – last known married name Duerksen. Latest address I have is 26 Bushey Ave, Angus, Ontario. Her parents names: Phillip and Enid (nee Roberts). Betty Ann’s brother – David. Betty Ann had two children: Jenn and Jonathon. Can you help?

  5. Looking for an old friend last known to be in Toronto, ONT, North York to be exact. His father is/was a minister. He did some work in construction in the city. Thanx

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