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Want to get hold of a long lost friend, relative or colleague fast? Looking for ways to find information about a person online? Below is a complete list of the best methods found for your free people search.

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We guarantee that if you give yourself enough time to read through you will soon master the art of people search. Helpful guides, white pages search directory, birthday lookup, phone, address as well as free people finder sites are presented here to help you find someone for free without charges. Let us dive into all of them in the list below.

Phone Number Lookup

If you have the phone number of the person you are looking for then you can use a reverse phone number lookup.

Reverse Address Lookup

If you have the address of the person you are trying to find online, then you need to use a people finder that offers reverse searching.

Email Address Lookup

If you want to know whose email it is that keeps sending you stuff or just want to find out the owner of the email. then you can use a reverse email lookup

Free Public Records

You can look up military records, find arrest records, conduct a death records search, marriage records, Birth records, inmate search, license plate lookup, and more.

Background check

Background checks are great if you are "in the market" for a nanny, new employee, roommate, life partner or anyone you are thinking of associating yourself with.

International People Search

If the person you are looking for is outside of the U.S. or you suspect they are overseas then you can use international people finders to help locate them.

U.S. White Pages Directory

Another way to find someone free of charge is through perusing online white pages. Since the 1990s different states have been getting rid of phone book hard copies and free white pages online directories have emerged to fill the gap. You can find people for free using online white pages for each state in the U.S. and for each specific city. This website offers millions of records that you can peruse instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

This website offers 100% free people search services with no credit card required or whatsoever, it delivers instant results without the need to create any account or to login and it offers anonymous searching. This means that when you want to find a person we do not alert them about it. 

The information that you can find on people search websites varies but on this site you can find phone numbers, people’s addresses, email addresses, background information, personal information like mainden names, birthdays, marriage status, SSNs, genealogical records and more. The personal information you can find varies, people search sites offer limited information and if you want more you can then use the paid sites.

You can find someone by using a variety of lookup options. You can go do a  Google people search, use white pages online, people finders, social media search and general websites . Use any of these sites to do reverse searching i.e. if you have a phone number then you can do phone number lookup and get the owner’s name. As well, you can do email lookup, address lookup. You can also use public records and background check services 

Yes! there is a free person search & results via the internet. However, take note that most of the non-paid sites like TotallyFreePeopleSearch make money by advertising other similar people finder alternatives, so in most cases you will click on a sponsored link and be led to a payment check out page of the advertised people finders without realizing you are no longer on the original site. Our unique favorite is the use of digital footprints where you live clues all over the web so that if the person you are trying to find is also looking for you then he/she will pick up on the trail.

No you don’t have to pay to search & find people, however you must know that using free people finders and methods require time since you might have to use several sources to build up a significant amount of information about the person you are looking up.  while many paid services are usually quicker and more comprehensive than the non-paid ones.

The amount of information you can access online depends on how much time you put in in your people search task. As you have possibly realized by now, to find people online is amazingly easy but to be a master at it you need to constantly update you searching skills because things change and new tools and methods emerge.

Since we have mentioned that to find anyone free anywhere may require you to use more than one people finder, here is our top recommended ones:, TruePeopleSearch, PeekYou, Zabasearch, ThatsThem, Pipl, FindPeopleSearch, Google, TineEye,. You can also review these Free Trial people search sites.

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