How To Find Someone’s Address

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How To Find Someone’s Address

Last Updated on December 13, 2021

It is very possible to find people’s addresses for free online. I mean there are a variety of options you can choose as well as websites you can check out.

In this article, we will show you how to find someone’s address for free and then offer you additional references you can also consider.

Let me start by saying if you thought you would find just one site where you will key in some information and get a host of data popping up like what we see in the movies, then forget it.

Watch this video below for the guide

You will need to invest a bit more time going through multiple sites because different site databases have different profiles of people.

In addition, there are countless sites online that offer this type of search with steps on how to do the search. Each site has its unique methods and guides to follow if you want to get results. So if you truly want to know how to find someone’s address then read on below.

How To Begin Your address Lookup

So usually you can find someone’s address by entering a name or phone number on one of the free people search sites.

You go to a site of choice (See below for some recommendations) enter the appropriate data in the relevant search boxes and hit search.

example address report

Results from your search will include a physical address of the person.

Below is a list of our recommended sites you can try out.

1. Google

There are many ways to search on Google for an address. Before we go any further, I should remind you that Google does not have resources dedicated to this type of search alone.

One of the ways you can use is searching by name. Put the person’s name in quotes on the search bar. The results you get may include the person’s current address or even previous address with other useful data such as the phone number among others. See this article on how to find someone’s address using Google for more information

I know you probably consider this basic stuff but what will it hurt if you just try it. I tried someone I know below and was pleasantly surprised to get a lead.

example google screen shot for finding a physical address

2. Yahoo

Yahoo people search tools can help you find all the data you need. If you go to the search tool, you can search by first and last name, city or town and the state. You are not restricted to these searches alone, you can also find a person using their phone number or do a tagged search (powered by Ask). See our complete guide on yahoo people search

3. White Pages

White Pages searches are free for starters. When conducting a name search or phone number search on the White Pages, results like an address are very likely to show.

In fact White Pages information is from telephone directories. Telephone directories list all telephone subscribers, their names, the phone numbers and the addresses where they live.

In most cases, whitepages are available for specific countries and cities. Just Google one with your country or city name. See our full article series on free white pages

4. Facebook

This website has the most people connected to it online than any other. Moreover, people are happy to provide all their residential details for their friends and even sometimes ‘public’ (depending on their settings).

Of course over the years FB have put more stringer privacy policies but you can still try out things like following a trail of their check-ins to narrow down their vicinity. OF course please don’t use this to stalk people because it is against the law. See this Facebook search people guide for more details.

5. People Search engines

Searching for an address on US search sites is not as difficult as it seems. There are numerous sites that you can use for this search. Some of those you can consider are:,,,, and even USSearch.

5. Zip Code search

There are ways to find a zip code online. Most people search sites which do name searches, phone number searches and absolutely free address searches (email and residential) do have an option that lets you search for a zip code.

You are also expected to provide it, if not, then you can use city or state for a name and a completely free address search on these sites.There are also sites that have compiled a list of all the zip codes in the US where you can search from.

You can also use reverse searches to find the address you are looking for. This basically means if you have one piece of information then you can use it to find the other. See these recommended articles below.


Remember, these sites have different methods for a search and so are the results. If one site does not give you a positive feedback, try another one as they have different data too.

Frequently Asked Questions

United Kingdom (UK)

Go to one where you will be able to run your search by name, location and even using a post code. enter the name of the person you are trying to find in the UK and follow the prompts on the site and hit search.


To find a residential address in Australia can be done in various forms. For one, White Pages residential search Australia is your best option by far.
You can use the site to also browse Australian residential contacts.

 New Zealand

To find a residential address in New Zealand try checking out the electoral roll. You can find this in a local government office. Copies are also available in public places like libraries, post offices and local council offices

See also free phone number lookup

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