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Really Free Social Media Search With No Credit Card Needed

Last Updated on August 30, 2021

Searching for a long-lost friend or relative can be very challenging sometimes, but it gets easier to locate your dear ones with social media search.

These social platforms can also help locate potential customers for your business, understand the latest trends on social media and more. Let’s review different ways you can effectively use these social media search tools to find people and businesses on social media.

Of course you can use the conventional social media channels like Facebook (facebook search people), Twitter, Instagram and others, but really free social media search engines will help you better search these sites simultaniously along with some less popular ones that you may miss. So in this article we will delve a bit into those totally free people search sites you can use. 

Social media search Via Social Media Account 

If you know the social media account name of the individual or business you’re searching for, simply go to the relevant social media site such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter & search directly from there.

These people finders have a very large user base that you may find helpful in your search, especially if you have the account name. This method allows you to search for your exact target individual or business on social media. 

If you’re using Facebook to search, for instance, type the actual account name in the search bar and hit search, filtering it for people. If the person hasn’t private their account, you will easily find who you’re looking for.

Social Media Profile Search

On some sites such as Snitch.name, you also have the option to find someone’s social media profit or account using their username or even their full name. Simply go to the site and then select specific social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for social search.


In most social search engines such as Pipl, you need only type the username of the person or business in the search box to start. Typing in the location helps make your results more precise. The result page will show you a list of social media accounts with the given username. To narrow down your search, filter the results by age.

Search social media by email


You can also use an e-mail address for your social media lookup  if the account name or username isn’t available for the person or business.

Many free, powerful and easy-to-use reverse email lookup Tools sites such as Email Sherlock help you search company or individual social media profiles by just typing their email addresses. You can also find out email addresses of persons or businesses of interest using these sites.

Search Social Media by Phone Number

If there’s no email but a phone number, you can find individual or business accounts on social media for free using phone number lookup sites. These sites help you find people or businesses that are particularly hard to find. If someone is bothering you over the phone, these sites help you trace and find information on unknown or scam calls.

These free phone number lookup sites provide a more precise and reliable method of social searching and include Pipl and Social Catfish

Free Social Media Image Search no Credit card Needed

Social search is possible by using only images, too. This method is particularly helpful in verifying and identifying persons or businesses you’ve been in contact with on social media in order to protect yourself from potential harm. It a useful resource for artists and models if they are looking for people illegally using their work.

Like reverse phone number and emails lookups, various reverse Image Lookups are available on the internet, including TinEye. It’s one of the easiest and most extensive reverse image search websites where you just have to upload an image to find the related social media profiles of people who may be using the image or an edited version of it. 

Social search engines to find information about your lost friends, relatives, loved ones and businesses and business are useful. You should always be careful, however, in selecting and using these social search engine sites as some of them may not be regularly updated and may contain false or misleading information. Make sure to use trusted and reputed social search engines for your social search only. 

Learn more on how to find someone free of charge online or check out free white pages.


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