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inmate search and lookup

Inmate Search

Last Updated on September 2, 2021

Conducting an inmate search by means of public records has become increasingly popular in the past decade. There are a lot of reasons why people would want to locate an inmate from public records.

inmate search and lookup

Perhaps you’re trying to get your hands on someone who has already served their time. Or maybe you’re thinking of hiring a friend or relative to work in your local jail. Perhaps you have a relative or friend who’s incarcerated and you would like to make certain that they are not behind bars under the wrong name. Whatever your reasons, conducting inmate searches online is easy to do and will give you the information you’re looking for.

This website, saves you time and possibly money by giving you 100% free access to information about state prison, federal prisons, county jails, local sheriff departments, department of corrections, city jails and police detention centers and more. In here you will find all known prisons in the United Sates along with their contact details & visitaion procedures. 

Browse Facilities by State

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How To Find Someone In Jail

For one to find people for free in jail can be cumbersome because of the different records you would have to peruse. For example, you depending on where the person is serving their time you could either do your lookup in a administrative BOP database, bureau of amendments site of the specific state or listing pages of some police records. Let’s consider some 3 way to do your inmate lookup

The Local Court House

If you live in the local area, in the US, you can go down to the local courthouse and request a list of public records for every individual in the area. Doing this manually is incredibly time consuming and not very effective especially if you don’t even know if the person was imprisoned in a state, county or federal prison.

Local Sheriff’s Office

This can also be one of the easiest ways to narrow down your search.If the person is still waiting for his or her trial then chances of finding them in a local jail or sheriff’s office are high. This is where they are kept before being transferred to an assigned to a state, county or federal prison

Online Database

The second option is to use an online database to do your searching. You can check out the state department of corrections website where each state maintains a part of their own records. You can find a full list of DOC facilities listed on this site together with access links.

There are other non government affiliated databases, which are comprised of millions of public records. This means that if you have an inmate who’s serving time in jail, you can quickly find out all the information you need about that person just by going to one of these sites. 

If using the options recommended above doesn’t work, you can also use the BOP (Federal Bureau of Prisons) database. Here you can find details about federal inmates. We also provide links to this resource in the website.

Required Information 

The process of looking up the inmate is actually quite simple. When you follow the links we recommend on the site and get to the database, you’ll be asked for the following information; Full Name,Gender, Date of Birth, Race, Inmate ID, State of arrest.

Some of these requirements will be optional. These are date of birth, race, inmate ID and state of arrest. As soon as you’re on the website, you’ll see several pages of results. Look through each of them and try to find the information you need.

Prison information

We also provide information about each of the jails/prisons listed in our database. Once you have identified the prison/jail you can then find out more information as below;

• Name and address
• contact number
• Fax number
• Mailing address
• Visitation rules and information
• sending mail / money to inmate
• Directions

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