How to Find Someone on Offerup

Last Updated on November 4, 2021

Online shopping sites have greatly changed the world’s shopping as people are able to order items on the internet. To conduct such shopping experiences one needs to find the places or sites with the people that offer such services. This article will look at ways on how to find someone on Offerup.

Social sites have one common function which is to let users have the ability to find each other on them. They come with search capabilities to help users find what they want. These are free social media search processes.

What is Offerup?


Offerup is an online market place that specializes on in-person operation. Users are able to buy and sell thousands of different items on the platform. These are items such as cars, furniture electronics to name but some.

Founded in April 2011. Offerup uses geo location to place items for buyers which is aimed at promoting face to face interaction. Sellers can sell their items by uploading photos of them using a smartphone or computer.

How Do I Find Someone on Offerup?

Searches on Offerup are possible. You can add a friend, follow someone, search for a seller, search for profiles and more on the site. In fact, you have more ways to explore on how to find someone on Offerup. Let’s take a look at them.

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To add someone on Offerup:

  • Launch the Offerup app.
  • Tap on invite from either the home screen or ‘Account’.
  • Select how you would like to send your request to your friend. Choices include Facebook, Email, Message and others.
  • Your friend will get a link which they can use to download the app.

To follow someone on Offerup:

  • Open Offerup.
  • Select the item you are interested in.
  • Click on the name of the seller. This will open their profile.
  • Click ‘Follow’.
  • This allow you to view what they selling and also stay updated with all latest post they have on their items.

To follow someone from your followers list:

  • Open Offerup.
  • Click on ‘Account’.
  • Click on the number found next to ‘Follow’ or ‘Following’ located under your name.
  • From the followers list, click on ‘Follow’ next to the person you want to follow.
  • You can also follow all your Facebook friends who are on Offerup by tapping on ‘Following’ then ‘Facebook Connect’.

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These are some of the ways you can use on how to find someone on Offerup. You can use them to find friends, relatives and colleagues from an app that takes its users’ safety seriously. This is evidence by the collaboration the company had done with police departments across the country.

Offerup can help you find people for free online as all these searches come at no charge.


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