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Australia People Search – How to Find People in Australia

Last Updated on September 6, 2021

Whether you are an Australian citizen or a visitor to Australia, at times, you may need to search people in Australia by name, mobile number or by any other means possible in an effort to get in touch with relatives, old friends, places or businesses in Australia.

Fortunately, whether its a simple search or a reverse person lookup Australia, there are a number of online and offline people finder resources to help you find people in Australia. 

There are 25 million people who live in the country and about 80% of those use the internet. This essentially means you stand a better chance of conducting a successful Australia people search online.

So if you want to know how to find someone living Australia i.e. whether you are looking up someone who lives in Adelaide, New Castle, Canberra, Tasmania, Melbourne, Victor Harbor South, Sarwin, Queen’s land, Sydney etc. you have come to the right place. 

The focus of this article is to make an introduction of some of the prominent online and offline Australia people search facilities available in the country in order to facilitate you in your quest. This article will help you learn how to find information about people in Australia  as well as how to use these resources most effectively and also establish your preferred list of options based on their reliability and effectiveness.

Use Reverse Australia Search 

reverse phone lookup Australia

Do you want to find someone by phone number? Reverse Australia is a very effective and widely used free online search directory for reverse phone lookup or rather for finding names and addresses of people by using their telephone numbers. The best thing about this service is that it even offers information about ‘silent’ or ‘unlisted’ numbers. This search directory is available on the following link.

In order to obtain information about addresses and names of people, you will have to log in with your Facebook account to access the database. After opening the homepage, you will have to enter the landline or mobile phone number in the search box and after clicking the search icon you will get information about the name and address of the person who owns the number. Additionally, you can also find out the name of the company that owns that number.

Search Person lookup 

personlookup Australia search

It is another similar online search tool having a database of over 8 million records. However, it makes your search more effective by giving you an additional option of using the first name to extract information about a person. You can access this search directory on the following link

After logging into your account, type the first name of the person in the search box that appears on the homepage and after clicking the search button, the directory will show you the address and contact details of the person along with a Google Map image to help you navigate your way.

Using first name to search people can be tedious and annoying as many people share the same first name. Therefore, for more accurate results, you may need to refine your search by adding the locality in the search box.

Facebook Australia People Search

Social media search platforms like facebook people search provide access to personal information of billions of people across the planet. However, searching social media for contact information is likely to become tricky on account of issues of privacy setting, fake accounts and incomplete personal profiles. 

Nevertheless, if you do believe that a person is easily accessible on social media, you can search him most preferably on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to access their personal information and whereabouts.


It is one of the most popular Australian online search directories which provide free access to its huge database of information for carrying out people search Australia wide. Its database is regularly maintained and contains information available on all the best online search directories operating all over the country.

This directory further facilitates you in your search by providing you a ‘People Finding Forum’ where you can seek people that are hard to track down. This search directory also offers different search options for e.g. you can search a person by using name, phone number, address, email, location etc. You can access this directory on the following link

Google People search Australia

This might seem like the obvious option but many people either skip it or they do not know how to use it best for people searching. Google people search offers various options and ways to find people anywhere in the world including Australia. We have a comprehensive series on how to use this search engine best here

Subscribe to White Pages Australia

whitepages australia

In addition to numerous online search directories, you can also search people and places across the country with the help of some offline resources. For example, you can search people by using Australia White Pages paper telephone directory available on subscription. 

This offline source provides you official and more up-to-date records of people living in Australia in places such as Adelaide, New Castle, Canberra, Tasmania, Melbourne, Victor Harbor South, Sarwin, Queen’s land, Sydney etc.; however, the drawback of this service is that it provides only contact number of people and places if you use name and location for your search.

Hire investigation services 

If you want a more precise, detailed and accurate information about a person, you can hire services of an investigation agency such as Precise Investigation or else you can also take the services of a professional private investigator in case you are unable to locate a person despite your extensive efforts of searching people online. 

These are only a few search resources available to you in case you are looking for carrying out people search in Australia; besides, you can also make use of other useful online search directories including Online Investigation, Pipl  and Google. 

No matter which search directory you use for your search, always verify the result of a search directory by cross checking it with other reliable people finder Australia sources to avoid misinformation. In this way you will always remain assured of validity of your search and successfully find the people you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find if someone is in Jail in Australia?

To find if someone is in jail in Australia you need to call or email Also phone this number to help locate a prisoner;  1300 406 456  during weekdays or email.

How to find where someone is buried in Australia?

To find where someone is buried in Australia use Australian cemetery records. This information can be found in a number of different sources like church registers, burial certificates, civil death certificates, funeral director or undertaker records, newspaper funeral notices to name a few. Go to to learn more

How to find an address of someone in Australia?

To find an address of someone or to do an address lookup the Australian white pages discussed earlier are your best option.

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