How to Find a Lost Friend in England

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How to Find a Lost Friend in England

Last Updated on September 6, 2021

If you are living in UK either as a resident or on a visiting visa or you are living in some other part of the world, sometimes, you could sometimes feel emptiness in your life on account of the prolonged absence of one or many of your old friends. 

In such a case, you should immediately try to find and meet your old friends before it is too late and you lose them forever. Luckily, there are various ways available which you can resort to in order to find your lost friend.  This article will article will introduce some easy and simple methods to help you learn how to find a lost friend in England.  

Why people lose friends?

Quite often down to early adolescent naivety, you tend to lose a dear friend on account of a touch of arrogance or a bit of stupidity. Often you created a climate of unfounded misgivings leading to the loss of a sweetheart. 

What to do before starting the search?

To get started, you need to get all the information you know about the person, as well as any photos you have of them. It is like the more details you have, the better chances you have on your disposal of finding a lost friend in Britain. Ideally you should have their full name and an idea of where they might be living or where they were born.

If you have old photos that aren’t in a digital format, take a photo with your smartphone or a digital camera, or get them scanned at a photo shop.

What are the available options?


Use a people finder website such as which is the best option for you to search an old friend or relative living in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. You can use this people search website very easily. Just by clicking on the link, you can access it and on the home page, type different search clues such as surnames, names, dates of births in the main search bar and click on the search button to download the lists of related people.


Google Search 


Besides, this option, you can always do the Google search for finding a lost friend or relative. Make Google your first port of call as you begin your hunt, in case the person can be found on a public website. This option is considered best when you know that your lost friend might have some articles published in the local website or he is an executive in a big company or something like that. 

While using Google search, if the friend you are looking for has a particularly unusual name, you might just find him with just searching his full name, but with common surnames like Smith you’ll have to add some other keywords as well to the Google search box. Try their husband or wife, children, their occupation, the company they last worked with or even a regular activity you recall them doing, such as bowling or dancing. Also, always try to different combinations of keywords. We have a complete series on Google people Search on this site.


There’s a huge amount of online information that Google can’t see, because you need to log in or because google designers have deliberately made it hard for a search engine to sift through it and see what’s in there. This website catalogues this information and concentrates on people, so all you have to do is enter a name and location to see what comes up. We have a full pipl search review guide on this site. You can access this website on the following link: Pipl


Reverse image search

If all you have of your lost friend is his/her photo, you have an option of using Google’s reverse image search that may also bring up some encouraging results. 

Click on the following link to open the Google image search and click on the camera icon. After that, click on option of ‘Upload an image’, select the image and click on the ’Search by image’ button to download a list of all closely related photos from the database of Google and try to find the one of your interest to  gather more information about it.


TinEye is another reverse image search tool with an index of more than three billion images that you can use to find a lost friend by using some old memorable image. You can access this website on the following link. See our full Tineye review here

These are some of the online options that you can reliably use to find a lost friend in and around England. Furthermore, after successfully finding a person, always plan your reunion get-together after ascertaining that the person you are going to meet is indeed your old friend. So, you should always be very cautious while doing your people search in order to avoid any embarrassment and mishap. How this, how to find a lost friend in England for free article was helpful. See more guides below. 



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