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How to Find Someone on Reddit

Last Updated on August 30, 2021

One of the most exciting things to happen to anyone is to meet and hold conversations with people who share the same mind set, ideals, sentiments, interests and activities with you. The internet have amplified such a possibility that you now can meet and chat with people across the globe through sites like Reddit. This article will discuss ways on how to find someone on Reddit.

As Reddit turns to be a site where people fully expose themselves as who they really are through comments, its no surprise that people might want to find out more about them. But how far does Reddit go as far as being a social media lookup tool is concerned?

What is Reddit?


Reddit is a website that aggregates, rate and discus social news. There are thousands of communities where members submit content like news, sports, memes, videos, chats, music, religion, science, you name it.

These are discussed in ‘communities’ or ‘subreddits’. There are also live video streams and answers to questions that you might not find anywhere else. This is because users create anonymous profiles on the site which allows them to be themselves without facing ridicule. The question you might be asking yourself is, how do I find someone on Reddit then?

How to find Someone on Reddit

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There are ways to search for someone on Reddit. Let’s take a look at these search methods that you can try.

Search Reddit with Username

Username searches are one possibility on Reddit. To search with username:

  • Go to on your PC or Reddit App on phones.
  • Find the search bar at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the username of the person you are looking to find and search.
  • Under ‘Communities and Users’, look for the username and click on it.
  • The person’s profile will be presented to you.
  • Now you can see their comment history and can even send them a message.

Another search with a username on how to find someone on Reddit would be to:

  • Go to or use the Reddit App.
  • Type in the username of the person you want to find after the URL, for example, (
  • The person’s profile with their posting history will be returned to you.

Search Reddit with Google

There is a way to find people for free through a Reddit username on Google. To search:

  • Go to Google search bar.
  • Type in ‘’ then the ‘username’
  • Google will return the user’s profile plus all other pages with this username.

Search with Other Third Party Tools

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You can use other third party tools to find a person on Reddit. One of them is Redective.  This site allows you to just enter the username on its search bar and search. Results from a search include profile information, word frequency, hours active and much more.

Another such site would be Reddit Comment Search. This tool was intended to search through users comments. Searches on it can be performed using username or phrase (Search Query).

Questions like how do I find someone on Reddit without their username and can you find someone on Reddit with email are also ones that need answers to.

It is quite impossible to find someone on Reddit without username and it is also impossible to finds someone on Reddit with email. The site does not offer such searches.

These are some of the choices one has online when it comes to methods on how to find someone on Reddit. Founded in 2005, Reddit still makes people’s lives fun and better with its social communities and services.


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