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How to Find Someone on Zelle

Last Updated on November 2, 2021

There are numerous ways to send and receive money in today’s world that you can take advantage of especially online. To be able to do so, one needs to develop an understanding of how such an operation takes place. This article focuses on how to finds someone on Zelle, an app for money transfers.

Most online apps that allow interaction between users normally offer the ability to look up other users on them. There are ways to find someone on social media for free. Let’s take a look at what Zelle has to offer when it comes to people searches on it.

What is Zelle?


Zelle is an online service that allow its users to send and receive money conveniently. This can be friends, family and others. Users are able to send money to anyone as long as they have an authentic US bank account. This can be done with an email address or US mobile phone number.

Zelle has the backing and support of numerous banks and financial institutions whereby users can access the services of the app using their banks accounts. It is advisable to send money to mostly friends and family for safety reasons.

Zelle works with banks based in the US. This implies that users can send money to friends and family even if they bank from a different bank than yours.

How do You Find Friends on Zelle?

There are ways to add friends on Zelle. The app allow users to send money to almost anyone as long as they have a legitimate account based in the US. They would need to have the app for them to receive and send money.

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Users can send and receive money on Zelle whether they have a Zelle account or not. People searches on Zelle can be done using an email or a phone number.

To find someone on Zelle:

  • Log into the app.
  • Select ‘Send Money to Someone’ from the Transfer or Zelle Menu.
  • Choose either their email or mobile number.
  • Select ‘Add Email or Phone number’ of the person you are looking for next to the ‘To’ space.
  • Search with the email address or phone number with you.

Phone number searches allow users to lookup friends from their contact list.

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This tip can help on how to find someone on Zelle for free. You can use to find people for free using it on Zelle as long as they have a legitimate US bank account.


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