How To Find Out If Someone Is Married Or Not Free

Last Updated on August 30, 2021

These days’ people have become so secretive and deceptive so much that they can spend years lying about their marriage. In fact some are known to get married in one state and then go to another to get married again. We’ve found the perfect way that you can use to check up on these people.

E.g. someone can get married in the US and then move to, say, Africa and get married there again.  This article will help shed some light about how to find out if someone is married.

Marriage and divorce Records


There are a number of people search sites that offer top class quality records. It is here that you will find an instant self -service that you can use to search for marriage and divorce records. Simply use Google to find some public records from your state or the state in which the person could have possibly married.

Ring Marks on Finger

ring marks on finger

Using this form of investigation seems obvious but it may not be as obvious to others, you can start by checking out if there is a ring on his or her “wedding finger” – some people tend to have marks when they put on something for a long time so just in case he or she has removed it try to look for any light circular spot around the finger. If you’ve already done this then read on to find more ideas.

Ask if he or she is married

As already mentioned prior, It is usually a good idea to ask this question at the beginning of the date so that it does not become harder later on. Work it in, in the first few hours of conversation. However, if you are averse to this because you feel that the relationship is new and still needs nurturing, you can just go ahead and do your own search online.

One one of the best ways to search online is to do a background check. once you have gathered that information then find current status by searching through popular sites like Facebook. we have a great article on how to do that here

Ask his or her friends

Some of you may be acquainted with close friends of the person you wan to know more about. In order to be successful with your “  DIY private investigation“, try to find clever ways of bringing up the topic. Remember that the friends may know and they may have been tipped not to say anything to you so be smart about it. If you don’t know any of his friends, then try social media to see whom he is connected with. Chances are you may be able to reach out to one or two.

Marriage Records

Another tactic you can employ if you really want to know how to find out if someone is married free is to go through some free public records. You can find free access to databases offered by some states online offering information about divorce and marriage, birth, death records, etc.

You might have to know something a bit more about the person in order to bring up his or her profile then do a reverse search using a phone number or email address. For those states that don’t offer this marriage information online, then you can contact the state’s vital records department. This form of investigation usually works especially if the documentation is readily available.

Take note of the little things

A lie has a way of being mixed up and finally coming out in the end. To find out if someone is married you can ask simple questions about the person and take note of how he or she maintains the same answers over time. Monitor the calling times – usually people who call very late in the night are trying to get away from something, probably waiting for the spouse to fall asleep before calling. Also notice if he answers your call the first time or is always returning it at a later time.

Does he go away on unexplained business trips? Make sure you gather enough evidence during your private investigation before you confront him or her otherwise you might end up having to be the one apologizing for lack of trust and faith in the person you’re interested in.

Use A Marriage Records Finder

This is possibly the easiest, fastest and most guaranteed way of finding out about someone’s martial status. Now there are two types of sites that offer these services. Those that offer a free service and those that require you to pay. We highly recommend that you choose the paid service. Why? Simple, these offer professional services and will not provide you with false information that could create havoc in your relationship.

Of course there are other drastic measures like hiring a private investigator but the seriousness of the matter is determined by you. We can only say that in this day and age there really is no need to spend money hiring someone when you can do it on your own on the sites listed above.


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