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Last Updated on May 21, 2022

The internet has enabled us to share not only messages and make friends all over the world. It has also enable us to share images and conduct business on a larger scale. Sites like Pinterest specialize in such an endeavor. From the friends we make, we might at times feel the need to share special moments in their lives like birthdays. This article will look at how  to find out someone’s birthday on Pinterest, a birthday finder, comes handy in such a situation.

What is Pinterest?


This is an image sharing and social media platform that lets users save and discover information from the web using images, animated GIFs and videos with pin boards. Developed in December 2009, Pinterest has now surpassed 478 million users worldwide.

Businesses has shown interest in the platform. This has been mostly retailers who use it to create pages aimed at promoting their companies. In order to use the platform, you need to register through a browser and apps such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

Pinterest makes use of ‘pins’ and ‘boards’. A pin is an image that has been linked from a website or uploaded.

How to do a Pinterest Birthday Search

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Pinterest profiles do not include date of birth information. That makes it an impossible mission to find someone’s birthday from the profile. Information provided on a Pinterest profile include photo, full name, username, about profile and location to name some. That’s one challenge on how to find a person on Pinterest.

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One way to find someone’s birthday on Pinterest would be from the conversations you have with them on the platform. It might happen that at some point you did discuss birthdays with them. Maybe they hinted on it from your conversations. Maybe they were looking for an item for their birthday or anything to that effect.

Checking past conversations with them might prove fruitful. You can also start conversations about birthdays and their time of the year. That way they might unintentionally spill out the information.

It truly is a difficult to find someone’s birthday on Pinterest. It is however worth mentioning that this is one social media platform that has revolutionized communication and businesses alike.


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