Google People Search: How to Find People on Google Free

Last Updated on August 31, 2021

So today, I will be showing you how to find someone on Google. In other words, how Google People Search free works! This is one of many totally free people search sites available online today. 

The whole world is going online. Most of the time, an internet connection is all you need to solve any issues that you are facing. Much of the credit for this easy accessibility will go to search engines.

If I want to be a little more specific, one search engine stands above all, and that’s the big G! As the most used search engine of the world, It’s more perfect than ever, and it deserves all credit for making our lives easier

Can you Find People Using Google?

Although Google rarely fails to deliver what we need, sometimes it may bring out tons of irrelevant information instead of what we actually need. But there’s no way that you can deny the efforts of the big G.

They are working day and night to improve our search experience, and as a result, each search is more accurate.

However, names are a different kettle of fish in search engines. For famous persons, google won’t make mistakes. But if you’re searching for a random person who works 3for your neighborhood grocery store, you’ll have to think of it being a google person finder and scroll through thousands of google search results.

Now, there are 3 ways to Google people search i.e. to lookup  people using google.

  1. Google Syntaxes

    • Put Quotation Marks
    • Include Relevant Keywords
    • Include Website Address
  2. Google Image Search
    1. Using the Search Term
    2. Reverse Image Search
  3. Google Lens

1. Google Syntaxes

As you already know, typing in someone’s name in the Google search engine will only bring out tons of results. But why worry when you have google syntaxes to narrow them down!

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it is an advanced search technique through which you can find exactly what you want from Google. So let’s find out how you can use that to find people!

Put Quotation Marks

If you put quotation marks around your search phrase, the Google search engine will take the phrase as an exact match keyword. This means that Google will come up with results that have these keywords in the correct order. As a result, you will see a narrower result in the Google people finder. For example, if you are looking for someone named Nazir Uddin Himel, you should enter “Nazir Uddin Himel” on google search.

While searching for Nazir Uddin Himel without any syntax will come back with more than 68000 results, putting the same keyword inside a quotation mark will bring back a mare eight results. 

Google name search results page

Let me explain why it happens . If you search for Nazir Uddin Himel, the Google person finder will try to find out all results matching with Nazir, Uddin, and Himel.

On the other hand, putting a quotation mark around the search phrase is like instructing Google to find out only results with every word on the search phrase.

Include Relevant Keywords

Although quotation marks may reduce the number of results you may see, it’s not always a probability.

Let’s take a different name((or Keyphrase) to experiment with. This time we will be taking Hector Williams as our search phrase, which would initially produce 38,000,000 results. 

Even if you put quotation marks around the name, it will still come back with 34,100 results.

Google name search results page

That’s why your next option can be including relevant keywords along with the quoted keyword(Name). What are the relevant keywords anyway?

Well, a relevant keyword is a phrase related to the search term you are using.

So the idea is to include a relevant word for the person that you want to find. The Hector Williams you are looking for can be an archeologist, or he may be a lecturer.

Either way, all you need to do is to add that keyword along with your search term, and you’ll see fewer yet accurate results. Check the below screenshot:

Hector perterson archeologist

If you are looking for someone, you may know one or two things besides his name. Including relevant keywords can be very effective to find people if you know a little more than a name.

Include Website Address

There’s obviously a chance that you may get overwhelmed with the result page sometimes. But that won’t be the same case if you know where to look for the person.

Yes, I know that we are using google on how to find someone free of charge. But most people are more likely to be found on a portfolio website or a social networking site. Chances are that you know that your desired person is available on a particular website.

If you know that someone is available on a particular website, there’s a google syntax you can use: + “Keywords”

Let’s see how it works in reality: 

You may know that Nazir Uddin Himel is available on If you search for + “Nazir Uddin Himel”, we will get a 95% accurate result:

nazim google search result.s

If you know where someone lives, it’s easy to find him. Google works the same way. You only need to tell Google where to look for your desired person, and it will do the trick.


2. Google Image Search

Pictures are better than texts, isn’t it? While roaming through countless texts can feel like looking for a pearl in an ocean, photos can be spotted almost effortlessly.

Google Image search is an excellent tool to find an image of people. Just as it’s easy to spot pictures, it’s easy to find them using google images search. There are two ways to do that once you reach google image search by reaching:

Using the Search Term

As long as you can use the terms and syntaxes in the Google search engine, you can do that in google image search too. Put your search term to find a picture of your desired person, and you can start spotting the image of your desired person.

Using Reverse Image Search

If you know someone, you may have his/her picture too. Google Image search is smart enough to find a matching picture too. That means you can also search with the image you have.

3. Google Lens

Google lens is an exclusive Google app that enables users to use the google reverse image search features on the go. The app will let you click images and search for a matching picture. The app is particularly handy if you want to find information about people on the go. Just click a picture and search!

Take some time to reach more about how to search people on Google in the related articles recommended on this site. 

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