How to Find Someone on Hinge

Last Updated on October 27, 2021

Online dating has added to the options one has to finding a potential partner in life. Many people have warmed up to this option as seen by the ever increasing number of such sites and members affiliated to them. This article will discuss ways on how to find someone on Hinge.

It is a common practice amongst social media sites to offer social media search activities on their platforms to assist users locate other users on them.

What is Hinge?

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Hinge is a dating app that place importance in its members having long term connections. Before being released in 2012, Hinge was known as Secret Agent Cupid allowing users to list friends they had crushes on, on Facebook.

Hinge is also the fastest growing dating app in such countries like UK, US, Canada, Singapore, South Africa and Australia. Its welcoming nature has seen it being popular as it is very inclusive embracing even the LGBTQ Community. The app encourages its users to pay more attention to people’s personality rather than physical appearances.

Hinge has more than 5 million users worldwide. This means that the person you want might be affiliated to the app. This also means you will have to look up from more than 5 million people for the person you want to find.

Is There a Way to Search for Someone on Hinge?

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Unlike numerous social media applications out there, Hinge does not offer a search option on its app. There is no way you can directly search for someone on the app. However, there are tricks one can try to look up a person on Hinge.

To be able to search for someone on Hinge you will need to be a member on the app. You must create a profile with as much information about you as possible as well as your preferences. The app will then present to your suggest people that you might be interested in using its algorithm.

To see the suggestions that the app has provided as an option on how to find someone on Hinge, you can use the Discover option and Standout option.

Use the Discover Option

To use the Discover option:

  • Log into your Hinge account.
  • Select the ‘Discover’ option at the bottom of the screen.
  • From a displayed profile, you can like parts of it that appeal to you by tapping on the red heart.
  • You can also send a comment to the person which will increase your chances of a response.
  • To send the person a ‘like’, click on the check mark available on the person’s profile.
  • If the person clicks the check mark on your profile, you will receive a match.
  • If the profile does not interest you, you can click the ‘X’ on the profile.

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Use the Standout Option

To use the Standout option:

  • Log into your Hinge profile.
  • Select the Standout’ option.
  • From the displayed profile, you can respond to the parts that appeal to you through sending a rose.
  • You can also add a comment with the rose.
  • To respond to profile that don’t appeal to you, just swipe left.

It is also recommended that you pay close attention to profiles before skipping them as it might be a while before they return again. Furthermore, you will need to check your match regularly and frequently update your status to help narrow your search.

These are some of the recommendations on how to find someone on Hinge. With these tips, you can try to find people from this dating site that targets young professionals looking to find a serious relationship.


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