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Last Updated on September 1, 2021

Whitepages.com is an online search directory that helps your search, locate and verify people across the United States with the help of its database of information on people and businesses. Its database currently stores information of approximately 275 million people. Let us take a few minutes to go through Whitepages.com review below. 

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The directory was founded in 1997 in Stanford, California, as a part-time venture by a Stanford student Alex Grand. Since then, it has gone through several transformations and evolved into a complete business franchise, having several mobile apps which make it accessible via smartphone.

Alex Algard, the executive chairman and founder, and CEO Leigh McMillan make up the top management of Whitpages.

How Is Whitepages.com  Useful?

Whitepages.com is a very useful directory that helps you identify and verify data for various purposes such as identifying people in social gatherings, carrying out background check, research, verification and screening clients before doing business, identification of criminals etc.

For instance, landlords use Whitepages.com Tenant Check to verify records of potential tenants. Similarly, small and medium enterprises rely on the site to track and contact customers, get feedback as well as avoid frauds and scams. 

How Can I Use Whitepages.com?

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This free people search website (note: it does have a paid version) provides contact information services via its many web features and mobile apps. You can sign up on the website or you can randomly search information using the search option. You have different search options: you can use names,  addresses, free phone number lookup or business names to find the information you need. 

You can also opt for specific search by clicking on the related icon. You can also use features such as Background Check and Tenant Screening. You can also use it on your smartphone by downloading the mobile app. 

Continue reading this whitepages.com review to learn more about how to remove your name from the site. 

How Can I Opt-Out Of Whitepages.com?

The best thing about using is that you can always opt out or remove your details if you don’t want to use it or to make your information public. All you have is to do to search for yourself on the website and copy the URL of the page where your information is displayed. Now go to the opt-out page of the website and paste your URL there. That is how simple it is to remove information from whitepages.com

You need to verify the record you want to remove and click the ‘Remove Me’ button and also choose the reason for removal from the drop-down list on the next page. Next, enter your phone number to receive a confirmation call and click ‘Call now to Verify’ to go to the page where you can verify your confirmation code. Receive the verification call follow the instructions to complete your removal process. 

Is This website Reliable?

There are many other free whites pages out there and so the question is, is this one reliable? Well, More than 2 million people use the site daily for the information about people and businesses. In fact, the number of users per month exceeds 35 million. The statistics clearly indicate the trust of people on this website in providing reliable information. The widespread popularity of this online directory is another indicator that endorses its reliability.

How Does The Website Deal With Privacy Issues?

Privacy concerns play a central role in designing and implementing Whitepages policies. Whitepages never sells personal information without prior consent and agreement of the concerned person or organization.

Moreover, the website provides features that give full authority to the data providers and users to remove themselves from the directory or update and even change information. These facts clearly imply that the management of Whitepages takes privacy matters very seriously and adopts strict measures to avoid any breach of privacy of individuals and organizations.

All of the above-mentioned features of Whitepages make it one of the most efficient and reliable directory services in the United States. It’s continually expanding its services and increasing its user-base.

Being a pioneer in web directory services is another positive aspect that adds to its widespread reliance and popularity. Whitepages.com online directory works at different levels and its management keeps it updated to the current trends and technology. This is what makes it so successful in the online directory service space. 



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