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Find Someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp

Last Updated on May 21, 2022

You might be looking to surprise a new friend on their birthday. It might be a co-worker, or you just forgot your friends birthday and don’t want to miss it. There are a number of reasons to lookup someone’s birthday but the most important issue is actually being able to find it.

Well this article will look at the ways available for to be able to find someone’s birthday on WhatsApp. The internet has numerous sources on how to find someone’s birthday.

What is WhatsApp?


With WhatsApp, the methods will tend to be somewhat unconventional since there is no function that request the inclusion of birthday or birth dates on WhatsApp when you sign in. you only sign in with the number and that’s it. However that does not mean that finding someone’s birthday on WhatsApp is an impossible mission. Here are some tricks you can try out.

Use WhatsApp Status Option

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One way to find someone’s birthday on WhatsApp would be to keep track of their daily status updates. Most people usually post about their upcoming birthdays. The status functions on WhatsApp is one help you track the individual. This is the same as the one on Facebook which allows you to post stories for people to view which last for a day (24 hours). The option was introduced after Facebook acquired WhatsApp. This function allow people to post pictures, videos, audios, updates and more.

To check for status updates on WhatsApp go to Status function. You will be given all Status updates from the individuals in your contact list. Check for the person’s updates if they are available.

Use the WhatsApp About Function

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The WhatsApp About function is another option that can help you find someone’s birthday on WhatsApp. Some people usually write their birth date on them so they are worth checking out too.  That way you can find people free of charge on the App.

To check out someone’s WhatsApp About Status:

  • Click on their name. You will be shown that persons chat history with you.
  • Click on the name again. You will be taken to their bio.
  • Scroll down to the “About and Phone Number” part and check their Status.
  • That’s one place where people might update their information about their birthdays and birth dates.

These are the tricks and tips you can try out on how to find someone’s birthday on WhatsApp. Try them out and have that celebration you have been looking forward to with that special person in your life.

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